Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Burgers and Fish and Deer Autopsies, oh my!

I volunteered to work a few minutes extra today and with the brain-drain I am going through learning my new position I decided for us to go out to dinner. We met up with Toby at Smokey Bones at Clearwater Mall. The last few times we have gone it was nowhere near as good as it used to be as Mom loved to go there and get their fish platter.

There was over a 30-minute wait and when we finally get seated it took forever for a waitress to take our order. We waited another 30 minutes for our appetizer to arrive and the wait was so bad we were sampling their BBQ sauces to stave off hunger and when our appetizer did arrive we didn’t have any silverware. The iced tea was watery and not tea-like at all and had to be re-ordered. And my pet peeve: a table seated after us was served before us.

Now Smokey Bones is a rustic lodge style restaurant, very warm and cozy. They have big screen TVs throughout with a speaker box on the table if you care to listen in to what is playing on the screens. I had looked up and saw a deer on the screen. But not just any deer, not Bambi but a dead deer being taxidermified. Yeah I know that isn’t a word but I combined taxidermy and mortified but I digress. The taxidermist was digging some scalpel-like tool into the deer’s eyeball. About that time our waitress arrived with our silverware and I asked her if they get a lot of requests for the ‘deer autopsy’ channel. She stated they usually had a family show on or comedy. Yeah, um, right. I am sure if you lived in the woods, a la the unibomber, that channel would be considered ‘family’ or ‘comedy’ but for us it was just gross.

One would have thought our waitress would have changed the channel; we were eating after all or maybe notify her manager. But no, we endured the eyeball scraping and nose poking through out our entire meal. Apparently it was tuned to the Sportsman Channel and we got all these great ads for skullcrafters.com and deerantlers.com. Yum eh? I was fully expecting to see them change one of the channels over to the surgery channel and our evening would have been complete.

Needless to say – we won’t be going back.



Watching taxidermy take place definitely was not my idea of entertainment with dinner. Also, having watched our waitress as she moved along her other tables, I'm fairly certain she saw a mother with kids and figured she could get a better tip from the men in the two tables behind you. But then, I also saw one of those men sending food back to the kitchen, so there you are.

And Dad ended up signing the bill and he is notoriously a big tipper - he gave her 3 times the amount I would have LOL

Thats ridiculous! You should have signed the bill lol.

but ... I thought she did a fabulous job ... NOT .... lol

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