Saturday, April 25, 2009

Google searches

I really like being able to 'see' how some folks get to this blog. Here are a few of the more interesting Google searches that bring weirdos folks to my little, humble blog:

"Matt Damon" I bet people get a big shock seeing my baby brother's head stuck on a Hugh Hefner-like body instead of the Matt Damon.

"Stuck in mud" Can you imagine being stuck in the mud and having time to Google a solution only to find my post about Nappy being stuck up to his knees in mud. People really need to use a little ingenuity or a racquetball racket instead of Googling.

"Who plays mrs folks in my friends hot mom" Um, what can I say about this one? While my hotness factor is only grandiose in my own mind, I worry about the person that got here by Googling that statement.

"Ralph Fiennes" I got a few hits from Brazil for Ralph. Probably from some hot Brazillian super model. All I can say is, back off chica, he is mine! Opps, they speak French in Brazil don't they?

You may notice not a single search for Clay Walker appeared in this weeks stats. I did get a hit from Beaumont, Texas (where Clay was born and raised) and I won't admit my heart skipped a beat or three thinking that Clayboy visited my site. Until I read further that the Beaumont hit was looking for the Carrabba's Herb Mix recipe. Well, maybe it was Clay and maybe he was hungry. If I am is a dreamer...ahem.



Actually....they speack Portugese in Brazil....not Mexican.....

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