Friday, April 24, 2009

Just a quick note

I started reading blogs a while back in search of some good news in the world. There is only so much I can take folks. The first blog I read was Michelle's over at Scribbit and from there I went on to find so many wonderful women (and one man) out on the 'net that made me laugh and cry and just silently commiserate with. I can say that with about 99% of my daily blog reading rituals, I lurk. A few blogs I have made comments on but for the most part I simply read. And enjoy.

One blog that has touched my heart lately is Kayleigh's Story. I won't go in to details, you can go and read her story. I just wanted to send out into the world a prayer request for this child and her family as things do not look good at all.

I find it amazing that I feel I have so many connections with people that don't know I even exsist. I suppose it really is a small world after all. A funny thing I noticed when I was reading Lil Martha's blog the other day...we read some of the same blogs. I like knowing that. It makes me feel connected to something bigger and way more important than myself.

Plug in.



Thank you for the introduction to Kayleigh--the internet is wonderful for those kind of things isn't it?

Sadly, there are way too many Kayleighs out there.

Did all of my two readers see that? That was THE Scribbit! Posting on my little blog! THE Scribbit! I am so humbled.

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