Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's 3 in the a.m.

And baby, I can't sleep! (Yet another Clay Walker reference for Lil Martha.)

When I fell asleep the puppy was in bed with us and I was worried she still was. So I spent the first few hours sleeping very uncomfortably worrying I would squish the puppy. It seems lately that I wake up between 3-4 a.m., Max has me well trained for the early morning potty run and our thermostat kicks itself up to 78 degrees which does not agree with my premenopausal-hot flashing body.

To top everything else off, I pulled a muscal (sic) on my right angel wing this weekend. It hurts to breathe in and out and I have become fond of the whole in and out breathing thing.
I have noticed that since I have been trying to un-Boo myself that my posts have become, well, boring. So I am contemplating being Boo online only. What do you think? We will see how it goes. Either I become more Boo-like again or the spawn need to start acting up...I choose a Boo me over an acting up them.

Barbie did have yet another car accident yesterday. If you are counting, I think this is accident 13 but I have lost track. In her defense, one might argue whether it was an accident or not. No other cars were involved, an insurance claim will not be placed but her car bears yet another scar from her driving prowess. I count that as an accident, she doesn't.

It seems she parked too close to a dumpster at work. Combine that with her stereo not working and you have a disaster in the making. Apparently, she had her head phones on and couldn't hear the loud scraping sound the dumpster made as it impacted her car. Honestly, I feel sorry for her little Nissan Maxima. With over 200,00o miles on it, all the scraps and bumps she has given it: I swear her little headlights look at me begging for mercy. I think the only hope at this point it too call in Jack Kervorkian. Jack for the car, not for Barbie or maybe the other way around, who knows.

So Barbie says that she is going to save her money to get the scrape and all the other boo-boos fixed. Um, yeah right. Tobey then explained to her she would need to save thousands of dollars to fix all of the damage she has inflicted upon the car. She then said she just needed to buy a new car. Um, yeah right. I then explained to her if she had a new car and if she got a boo-boo on the new car she would want to get it fixed, right? Which would mean another insurance claim. Which would then mean her insurance would go up, again. And the poor child really can't afford for her insurance to go up again as she is already paying over $300 a month now on a car that can't be worth more than $800. I said she just needs to learn to be a better driver, surprisingly enough, she disagrees. In her mind she is a great driver if you don't factor in: other cars, rogue trash bins and poorly placed dumpsters.
Ok, so that wasn't too terribly Boo of a post. Once it is daylight I am going to sneak out and get a picture of the Maxima on life support. Then we will head off to church where I will ask forgiveness for re-Booing up.

*Come to find out today Barbie hit the dumpster twice, once going in to park and then backing out. If I wasn't trying so hard to un-Boo, I would mention that one would think if you hit something going in, odds would be good you would hit it coming out. I think this is where the headphones come into play, if you can't hear it: it didn't happen.




I like it!

It gives the car some character. :)


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