Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh the things you will see...

Well I think the Thiry-One party was a success Friday night. The margaritas were flowing and I think Ami has never hosted a party like the one we threw. The antics started the night before:

I purchased the Margarita in a Bucket kit a.k.a. Tequilla on the Floor kit. I poured the Cuervo into the spouted bucket and then added the mix. I then noticed the stream of margarita mix pouring out of the spout. On to the table. Down to the chairs. Then onto the floor. Where the puppy Daisy sat. Lapping up the drink mix raining from the heaven's upon her. I don't think I ever moved so fast, the view of $15 of Cuervo being wasted on a puppy's palate was too much for me. So folks if you buy the Margarita in the Bucket kit: check the spout and make sure it isn't broken. Also don't expect Publix to reimburse you for the loss of said tequilla but they will replace the bucket.

My friend and Mary Kay consultant Letha came to the party and who knew that Letha would put a shout out for her upcoming party. She said it was a 'Pleasure' party and sweet Ami thought it was a party where they sold bath salts and aroma therapy items. Well I had never heard of such a party, the pleasure parties I heard of all involved edible panties and batteries, D-cells at that. And I said as much. Come to find out, it is that kind of party and Letha passed around a business card regarding the Pleasure Party. She drummed up a lot of interest for upcoming party and everyone spent the evening laughing and contemplating um bath salts purses.

The evening culminated in a incident that really can not be explained without a picture. But I must warn you, it is not for the faint of heart....

That is strawberry margarita mix in the food processor. I promise although it may look like the food processor is bleeding, that no food processors were harmed in the making of this blog but margarita mix went everywhere, including the dog dish. I think the dogs drank more margaritas than my guests did. Anywho - it was my bright idea to make the virgin margaritas in the food processor because I was too lazy to dig out the blender.

Big mistake as you can see. If you think, like I did, that a food processor is nothing more than a big blender, you would be wrong. Because once the liquid starts spinning in the processor, it rises. Rises faster than my blood pressure when dealing with Boo Radley. But I did learn a valuable lesson: store the blender in a more accessible spot in the kitchen.

So everyone had a good time, some more than the others and the puppies were happy, which was my goal from the get-go. Letha enjoyed sometime in the backyard on the swing, listening to the fountains fount and listening to Butter tell her all about the wedding.

Barbie has ideas aplenty for the next party. I told her I need a few years to recoop from this party and so do the puppies.



And to think I told the shelter people you'd be good dog parents! Now the poor dogs will end up in rehab...


I don't think all the dogs will, just Daisy.

It's always the youngest LOL

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