Sunday, May 24, 2009

Select Comfort, Sleep Number Bed: Round 3, TKO

All righty y'all, I am 'P' to the 'O'd here and you will have to forgive me going all southern on ya but those that know me well will attest to me throwing some southern down when I get angry.

You may recall my post on our Sleep Number bed debacle. And I also made an update here saying how we got an acceptance letter urging us to call and activate our account and get our new bed. We never called and never gave it a second thought.

This past Tuesday night we get a call from Sleep Number. Tobey asks if I wanted to answer it, erm nope. Tobey answered and it was the store manager calling to say they are now offering 36 months of interest free financing which would reduce the original payment by half. He was certain that now there would not be an issue getting the bed of our dreams. But the payment price was never an issue.

Tobey and I discussed the situation. We pulled up our credit at (I dare ya not to be humming that song now, gotta love Eric Violette!) Credit rating looks good, the high end of the good rating, not excellent, but who is these days? I wanted to bring the acceptance letter but I couldn't find it but we headed out to the mall anyways.

We talked with the manager, filled out the paperwork and waited. The manager was extremely nice and said that us not being accepted really made him mad and he couldn't understand what the problem was. We have lived in the same house 20+ years, Tobey has worked for the same company for 15 years and we make X amount of money. No problemo. We explained to him that we got a denial letter (finally) in the mail and then an acceptance letter. He was confident everything would go through this time. Me, not so much.

I explained to him how I trashed blogged about our first experience in his store and how some markteting company visited this blog searching out all the nay-sayers of the Sleep Number. I told him Select Comfort should pay better attention to customer service than spending money employing a company to surf the web for malcontents like me.

He then faxes over the paperwork and it gets returned because he didn't include some information. The mall is now closing. He refaxes. The denial comes back 10 minutes later. He calls GE Money Bank and argues with the representative about the denial and even spoke with a supervisor.

As we are leaving he mentions that the 'other' credit went through and is still in their system. The one with the uber-high interest rate. Um yeah, not interested. I still maintain it is a bait and switch tactic.

When we get home I look through my paperwork and find the acceptance letter. It is from the 'other' company. I called them and they were closed. But get this, their phone schpiel starts with "you have reached HC Processing Center if you received a letter saying your credit has been revoked due to the economic situation we are currently in, press 1; all other callers press 2."

Huh, what the heck? What business would actually say that? What business would actually do that?

Now I am sure the company that Select Comfort employs to scour the 'net looking for folks talking smack about them, will be back as they have been here twice before. *Waves hello* If it isn't too much trouble can you let Select Comfort, Sleep Number and, what the heck, even Lindsay Wagner know that I think they all (for lack of a better word) suck. Please stop sending us letters and stop sending us advertisements too because it is very obvious you do not want or need our money.

I do have half a mind to submit a bill to Select Comfort for the time, effort and gas money wasted by Tobey and I. Instead I thought I would just add some links that will take you to websites filled with complaints about GE Money Bank and Sleep Number.

Complaints Board on interest scam with GE Money Bank and Select Comfort.

Consumer Affairs complaints on Select Comfort.

Ripoff Report on GE Money Bank.

My 3 Cents on GE Money Bank complaints.

Bad Credit on GE complaints.

Take that Select Comfort! Power to the People!



I heart Eric.

Shame about all the trouble you've been through about the bed - I'm holding out for a tempur-pedic when we upgrade in a few years.

With my constant use of a heating pad I cant do the tempur-pedic.

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