Sunday, June 14, 2009


We are having a problem in the garden: vermin. Namely this type of vermin: the cutestblacklabradorretrievusmixus, also known as Daisy, also known as the garden and gnome slayer.

One would think being named after the flower and not the famous Duke family that Daisy would love my flowers and garden. And apparently, she does and a little too much. The other week when we had 6 days of non-stop rain everything in the backyard got rearranged. I assumed it was because the yard flooded and we had a third pond between the two ponds that are supposed to be there. All my little yard gnomes and garden fairies were moved about and I assumed they floated into disarray.

Not so. It appears that Daisy is seriously into gardening. She constantly is rearranging everything in the back yard and also thinks my beloved bromeliads are a snack food. Bad dog.

I suppose we need to give her credit though. As you can see above she really is trying to be helpful and not nosey. At least that is her story and she is sticking to it.

Here's hoping everyone has a sun filled Sunday.

And by the way - Father's Day is next Sunday, not today. Not that I thought it was today or anything.



Well, I tried to put some of it back, but it is hard to remember where it was originally when she moves everything around so much!

Is THAT what it is? Benjamin is a gardener....except he eats everything not tied down in the back yard....including large potted plants.

Then he is also a professional chef too!

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