Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's all about the Edge...

Tobey and I went out to dinner the other night at Chili's and used my birthday gift card from Simba. And yes, I had an unsweetened iced tea to drink. Yuk. We then went to Kohl's so I could use my gift card from Tobey. I heart Kohl's big time. I saw this bracelet and fell in love with it. Tobey said it looked a little too biker chick for me. I agreed and put it down and walked away. Then I thought, nope, I love it, I'm getting it. How many times do we put something back and go back later on to find it and it is gone. I didn't want that to happen to this baby.

We then met up with Simba, Barbie, Buttercup and Chelsea at Panera. I had a nice cup of Joe and no cookies or bagels. I showed the girls my new bracelet and told them what Tobey had said. Buttercup agreed that the bracelet was edgy. At my age I said I couldn't pull off edgy any more. I could though be just Edge.

What is just Edge? Edge is when you are past your prime and no one won't mistake you for a soccer Mom. Edge is when you think you still have it but reality tells you otherwise. Edge is going to the Clay Walker concert and finding that in the end he didn't kidnap you and whisk you away from your banal real life. Edge is having your daughters point out that your boobs sag to your bellybutton. Edge. I am Edge. Feel free to use the term, spread the word, it just might go viral. Or not.


We are planning a very lazy weekend. I am going to cook Tobey Chicken Tikka Masala on Father's Day and we are going to Honeymoon Island to do a "All Tobey" photo shoot at the beach. While at Kohl's I made him buy his Father's Day present from me: a white linen shirt and cream colored linen pants. I love a man in linen.

Finally, I mentioned Chelsea above and I wanted to do a more formal introduction. Chelsea and Simba have been friends since middle school and are pretty much inseparable. Chelsea attends Tampa's International Academy of Design and Technology majoring in photography. She has graciously agreed to post a monthly piece here giving out tips and advice on how to improve your photography and Photo Shop skills. As soon as her finals are over we will have a button on the left hand side of the blog with a link to her portfolio. She is a very talented young woman and I look forward to her joining our little bloggy family.



Thanks for adding the button to my Etsy shop! That's so cool :)

Can't wait to see Chelsea's posts.

You're welcome and me too!

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