Monday, June 15, 2009

Who are you? Who who, who who.

**Warning: This post contains parental frustration, read at your own risk.**

We are bypassing Movie Monday because 1. I haven't seen any new movies and 2. we had such a delightful weekend I thought my readers might enjoy living vicariously through this post.

This was the first weekend in a long time that we had nothing planned. Nothing. No one had to be any where and Tobey and I putted around the garden a bit on Saturday. Other than that it was a pajama weekend and aren't those the best kind. For 4.3 wonderful seconds our weekend was perfect.


The mail came on Saturday and Barbie is notified that her GPA is a 2.57. To maintain her Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, which pays 100% of her tuition, she must maintain a 2.75 GPA. She says she must have transposed the numbers in her mind because she was certain she had a 2.75. This is the same girl who once said she misspells words when she talks. Now of course this notification comes after summer quarter started so she is unable to take any summer classes to boost her GPA up to the required standard; just like Simba is having to do, less she loses her scholarship as well. Not that it would have mattered much because she has no money saved and her one little, lonely credit card is maxed out.

I don't know about you but if I had worked hard through high school to maintain a good GPA and graduate with honors so that I could receive a free college education....I would make ding-dang sure that my grades were stellar. I am just weird that way.

As it stands if your GPA dips below 2.75 you lose your scholarship for the upcoming year and the only way to get it back is to take classes (on your own dime) and maintain a 2.75 GPA. At that point, they will reinstate you but only once. Flub up again and you have lost your scholarship for good. The two classes Simba is taking cost $600 plus books. Well not really on the books, she is too broke to actually buy the books, so she checked them out from the library.

Of course Simba didn't have the cash to pay for her classes either so she had to max out her second credit card she received in the mail. Not a good start I would say, but again, I am weird that way. How Barbie is going to afford 1 year of college on her own volition is beyond my pea brain.

What a lovely weekend so far, don't you wish you were here? On Sunday we are lounging around and watching the telly. Oh but first let me give you some telephonic background: Tobey's ring tone on his phone is set to The Who's Who Are You? Every time his phone rings I expect to see Gil Grissom jump out of the closet and spray the room with luminol. On the other hand, I have specific ring tones for everyone in the family. So if Barbie has left for work and 10 minutes later my phones starts singing "I'm a Barbie girl"...well I know her car most likely broke down and I should avoid answering the phone. Tobey needs to find a "What now" song for his ring tone...

Where was I? Ah yes, earlier in the day we were enjoying a leisurely, do nothing Sunday when Gil jumped out of the closet Tobey's phone rang. Simba had gone to the beach with a girlfriend from school and Simba had no money for parking. Simba never has any money and thinks we should be impressed when she has three cents in her checking account. I kid you not. Any who, what does she do? She parks at the CVS Pharmacy and walks to the beach and saved herself the two dollars it would have cost to park at the beach.

Is the CVS parking lot clearly marked that they will tow your car if you are not a customer? Why yes it is but signs don't apply to our little Simba because she has parked there many a time and they never towed her car before. You can't even imagine what happened can you?

Tobey heads to the beach to pick Simba and her girlfriend up from the CVS and then drives her to the tow shop to get her car. The $2 she saved by not parking where everyone else parks costs her (or us) $150. Mind you that she just got paid two days prior and has no money and no money in savings and both of her credit cards are still maxed out. Her plan was to charge-it and deal with the overage fees. Unfortunately for her (and us) they didn't accept credit cards because they said people reverse the charges. Tobey, being the good dad that he is, loaned her the money until her next payday. I would have let her be carless for a day or two just to hammer home the point that she needs to save her money and not spend every penny she earns and then some. I am just weird that way.

Needless to say I am suffering from a bit of parental flabbergastedness. Please send help immediately, that or a Coke, or if you really love me: both.



That explains the text message on Matt's phone...


it said something about report cards coming out and beware...from your area code.

Just have them write a blog aboout why on thier Facey Spaces.

But then they wouldn't have time to 1. sleep all day and 2. go out with 35 year old divorced men.

Nice....only 4 years younger than me.....and i thought i was the creepy old guy? Not that i would ever want to go out with someone 20 years old....unless i was working for National Geographic and was doing a study to see how many times kids can say "like" in a sentence.

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