Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Way back Wednesday

This Way back Wednesday is brought to you by the number 3. Namely, us 3 kids, me, my younger brother Matt Damon and my older brother. Come to think of it my older brother doesn't have a blog name. Give me some ideas in the comment box and let's see if we can get him a blog name!

Matt, Me and Yet to be named Bro with Mom, a few weeks before she passed.

Christmas 1973 in California.

California again, 1973. I look like a giant.

Matt, me and Yeti er Yet to be named Bro, Christmas 1997 I think.

Oh Lord. Duluth. You can't say I am vain by posting this horrendus picture.

Yeti, Matt and Me. England, early 1970's.

Hey, that is the same hair I wore to the Clay concert. Me, Yeti and Matt. England, early 70's.

Grandma W., Me, Matt and Yeti in the back row. California.

Me, Yeti holding Molly and Matt. Christmas 1976 in Valdosta. They had a special on those striped shirts apparently.

Yeti, Matt and me. There was hell to pay over me just having 1 red hair bow in. Matt sure can rock it out in those snazzy striped pants though.

That's enough embarrassment for one Wednesday. Peace.



I'm liking Yeti for his name.

Ah, the 70s. We were all fashion victims!

and in the one with Grandma W - doesn't Matt have her exact nose and chin?

Aw I thought he looked just like Mom, the way she used to wrinkle her nose when someone took her pic.

i'm not sure what you'd call him....but Eight is Enough is already taken.....and too long.

*snort laff* Could explain why his middle name is Adams....

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