Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4 years ago today...

Mom -

four years ago today

at this posts exact moment

I went to check on you

but you were gone



you left

which was exactly

your style

you never wanted

to bother anyone

I was going to mention

all the things you've missed

since then

but then I realized

you have a much better

vantage point now

and you haven't missed

anything at all

for I am certain

today just like yesterday

you walk with Jesus

it is simply us

who are missing you



I try to do my best and live with the best advice I heard about dealing with death. Don't lessen your loved ones life by focusing so much on the one day out of all of their lives that they happen to die on. Mom lived 24, 668* days. She filled those days with loving us and she did that for 24,668 days. We all should be so lucky.

On her 18,012 literal birthday she celebrated my first marriage and when she was a spry 22,617 days old she saw me walk down the aisle again.

On her 18,957 literal birthday she celebrated Matt and Lil Martha's marriage.

On her 23,2698 literal birthday she celebrated Yeti's second marriage.

On her 18,306 literal birthday she celebrated the birth of her first grandchild, Frodo.

On her 20,132 literal birthday she celebrated the birth of her twin grandsons, Chewie and Nappy.

*courtesy of

And this was shot on her 23,841st birthday.

Miss you Mom and the very long 1,458 days since I last got to touch your face. And I thought I was never going to make it through day one. I just can't stop crying is all. Everything is a mess without you.



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