Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"No, I'm the Doctor"

Tobey and I watch BBC America quite a bit on the telly. One show I rarely miss is Doctor Who formerly starring David Tennant. Let it be known that Tobey is not a fan of the Who, he says it is too campy for his likes. And surprisingly, despite its campiness which normally I would shun like the black plague, I have grown to love the show. I am not sure if it is the Doctor's Converse sneakers or the fact that David Tennant is hot-cha-cha-cha in a trench coat. For Tobey's sake I will admit it is all about the Converse...I am sure he will buy this excuse since he is well aware of my love of all things shoe-like.

As with any programme you like, the stars of the series start dropping like flies. First Grissom left CSI and now Tennant is leaving the Doctor. What is the world coming to? For the record, I haven't seen a single episode of CSI since Grissom left. I can understand as artists they want to get back to their roots and perform on stage again. But really...the odds of me being able to jet over to London to catch a teatime performance are slim to none. Aren't these actor types a little concerned about alienating their fan base?

Now what does one do? Do you stick with the series because you enjoy the premise or do you boycott it because the star has left it. I can't imagine watching Who without Tennant. Yes, I am aware he was the series' 10th Doctor and I do remember that scary looking Doctor from my childhood. But this Doctor....Tennant's Doctor....he was hip and happenin' and dare I say a tad on the beautiful side. Considering they are replacing him with this Gen C guy: I think I have no choice but to boycott. I have socks older than this guy and I am supposed to believe he is a Time Lord? I don't think so. What say you?

Today's fasting BS is brought to you by 154.

P.S.And I just learned they also cancelled Primeval. My Saturday nights just opened up.


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Ok now I am outta here...really....


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