Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Way back Wednesday:
7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Mrs. Oh Style

My great-grandparents Art and Irene. The things I have heard about him don't jive with the person I knew but maybe time mellowed him out to the person I knew. Now my great-grandmother though, that woman could cook. Every Christmas I make pizelles in honor of her.

Click on the picture above and let's see if you are paying attention. Go on. I'll wait.

Back? Good. As you could tell that was Art's WWI registration card courtesy of my hunts on Did you notice that he shared a birthday with this person:

my grandma Vi, my mother's mother. Both Art and Vi were born on February 16th. Cool, eh?



Thats cool!

Art also worked for Staurt Warner Guages, a company that is still around.

All kinds of car stuff!!


So it isn't your fault afterall - you just have the rogue mopar gene! ;)

Rogue? Nope. Rudy had a Desoto once and Edgar had the '70 Imperial.....there were some mopars in our famly history.

I'm not an oddball ya know! :P


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