Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Way Back Wednesday: England II

More shots from England...
As I have mentioned before, when Mom was dying I took a bunch of film negatives from her mother into get developed. This picture of Gran and I was one of the happy finds. A few of the other pictures on that roll of negatives are family staple pictures - ones I grew up with. This one though - is the only picture I have of me and Gran together. And just think, if I would have thrown those negatives away....
Here's one of Yeti and Dad's elbow - for some reason I think we were having a BBQ that day. In England. It was unheard of.
Some things never change - most pictures of me today have my eyes glued shut in them too. Don't you love the streamers in the door? That was to keep the flies out of the house I think. That or my parent's were way more festive than I recall.
Little Matt in the backyard of one of the houses we lived in - across the way was a pig farm and I hope that Dad got a good deal on the rent as I am sure it was pretty odoriferous. I think this was the house that was almost robbed too. I can't recall the story much other than my Mom walked in some room of the house to find a man standing there. She called out for my Dad who arrived in his tidy whities to scare the guy off. And who could blame the robber for running after that sight really? ;)


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