Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Way Back Wednesday: A weekend at Nelson Lake, WI

This past weekend while I was decluttering I found a bin of pictures that I haven't yet organized. In that bin I found some pictures that I didn't know I even had. They were in a manilla envelope of pictures I got when my grandmother died two summers ago.

Great Uncle Dick, Dad and Great Aunt Maggie. I have so few pictures of her and I was happy to find this one.

This shot was a super-happy find! I only have a handful of pictures of my great-grandparents and I was thrilled to see this one. From left to right: Great Grandma, Mom, Aunt Ro, Dad, Dick and Great Grandpa.

The Great-Grands with Buffy. It is hard to believe this picture was taken in the early 80's. The grandparents are long gone and I suppose so is Buffy. She was such a good dog. Just look at that sweet puppy face.



How absolutely lovely! You certainly found a wonderful treasure. I love old pictures.

Me too - my you are up early!

Hey, it's Buffy! Remember King, the other dog they had?

That seems like a million years ago now.


And the black lab Raisin - remember what happened to Buffy though :|

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