Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A burstin' with pride

Chewie needed a ride to the school tonight.

Sure. No problem. Did he mention why perchance? Nope. I just assume it is for some rehearsal or something-er-other.

Come to find out he is performing. Tonight. Tobey is in Tampa for man-church-business and me without my camera and camcorder. Fine.

He sang Petty's Free Fallen and he did a fan.tas.tic job. I used my cell phone to video tape his performance but I don't have the download cord to this new phone. I also remembered way to late that I could actually record him with my phone but I had no idea how to work the zoom. So I have three minutes of pinpoint video but at least I have sound.

Luckily the school taped the performances and when I get the CD I will upload his performance here. Much to his chagrin which is probably why he never mentioned it.

Now while he was singing and I was holding my phone out to record it. And then I noticed the audience was swaying so I pulled a lighter and did the lighter sway. But the lighter went out right away and then I noticed that the crowd had pulled out their cell phones and started swaying those in the air. Chewie was the only performer who got the cell phone sway! Yay Chewie!


Oh and the boys decided it would be best to walk away from the church and start anew without negativity but with love. Me? I wanna fight. I don't want this perversion in the pulpit....


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