Friday, March 19, 2010

Now don't get me wrong here but...

I read the other day that Reese Witherspoon is supposedly going to play Ree Drummond from in a new romantic comedy based on her life: Ree's that is and not Reese's. I have no idea why that grates me - but it does. I have been reading PW for about two years now and while I know she has a bajillion readers - I like to think I am the only one despite the cookbook tour, talk show appearances, me never winning a single contest and the such.

Maybe I am just worried she is going to change. I don't know why, I just don't like this whole movie thing. Of course we had to discuss who was going to play Mrs. Oh when my movie comes out and I threw my suggestions of Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie. Butter says Jennifer doesn't have my hair and I say Angelina is way more witchier than I am. Somehow I think my family thinks that I have Angelina beat on the witch factor but that just can't be so.

And then last we discussed PW and Angelina over hash browns at the Denny's, Butter dropped a bombshell. We were discussing Disney movies and Butter isn't a fan of Beauty and the Beast! *gasp* How could she not be, what with it starring the voice of Robby Benson and all? The Robby Benson who graced the cover of many a Tiger Beat magazine cover. Ice Castles Robby Benson. One on One Robby Benson. THE Robby Benson.

To make things worse I was enlightened a few weeks ago to the fact that Butter has not seen and has no desire to ever see Bridget Jones Diary... and now Robby. What is this world coming to?



Thats shocking! What could be wrong with B & the B?

I gotta say...Bridget Jones never appealed to me either.

Oh, I adored Bridget Jones, the book and the movie.

See, I'm on the other side of the Pioneer Fence. I think it will do nothing but shine a positive spotlight on the blog world. I also think that woman is a force of nature. Is there anything she's bad at?

I'm sorry, Mom, but I cannot tell a lie.

Honestly, I started to feel bad about the whole 'not knowing Robby Benson' thing, and then I looked him up. About 60% of his voice/front-of-camera work was released before I was born. Large chunks of the other 40% were either one-shots on shows or Disney work as the Beast.

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