Friday, March 12, 2010

A campin' we a went...

Here are a few pictures I took while we were out camping at Hillsborough River two weekends ago.

Taken during our hike.

Boys vs. Wild.... The tiger slippers kept all the creepy critters away.

Yep. He wore those sleep pants the entire weekend.

Tobey, Chewie, Nappy, Rockin' Rob with Lacey.

I thought this little cypress knee looked like a wizard.

Setting up base camp Ohtobe.

After Tobey tossed this little guy bread; he stalked me while I took his picture.

Sweet Lacey!

More of the base camp.

Sneaky little bugger.

This guy was such a tease and wouldn't sit still!


Love the jammie pants.

It looked like fun! I told you those squirrels were aggressive!


Looks like my kinda fun! Lovin' those slippers~
xoxox Susie

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