Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grateful Thursday

Leaving the Publix tonight I got all teary eyed walking behind a mother-daughter duo. I know they were Mom and Daughter because...well...they the same. In the caboose area. I miss having someone shaped like me besides my sons -- which sounds so strange. Anywho.

Just a few things I am grateful for today:

No work tomorrie! Woohoo. Be jealous if you must!
Max's neverending excitement to see me when I get home.
Tobey working on a project after I nagged him to death over it.
Reruns of Doctor Who on BBC @ 5 p.m. The Doctor Who with David Tennant.
Our new bed. The one I said we would never buy. Ever. Yeah well - we bought it, we just didn't finance it.



I have no idea what a publix is... or a caboose hmmmm.

Publix is a grocery store and a caboose is a heiney!

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