Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We had a blast!

Gail and I skipped out of of work around lunch time and after a map snafu - namely me forgetting the map - we were on the road to Orlando. We arrived around around 3 and were starving. Our initial plan was to grab a bite to eat but since there was already a short line we grabbed some Starbucks and got in line. And we are glad we did. We were about 27th in line and the last ones to get seats when we were moved upstairs. Needless to say: the line grew quickly.

Yeah I know I am 6' tall but really? Could I look anymore GI-NOR-MOUS. I need a body spanx suit! But there we all three are - PW, Gail and me.

I think this is when Gail was telling PW that she has a brand new kitchen! Gail that is - not PW.

And this is where I yelled something about how Gail doesn't even cook. Heck, I even asked Gail if this was the first cookbook she ever owned.

Here is our new friend Jackie with PW.

And this is where we were yelling at Jackie to turn around so we could see her and get a good picture of her with the PW. There was lots of yelling, good natured yelling though.

We all fell in love with this little guy. His parents drove down from Jacksonville for the signing.

PW and her girls. Dang me for not bringing my zoom lens.

Gail and Jackie!

Mrs. Oh.

Babies were everywhere...

And someone brought a huge inflatable horse...

We had such a great time and PW is just as wonderful in person as she comes across online. She does need to work on her Florida shoes though...flip flops are the cowboy boots of the Sunshine State.


Hi, Mrs. Oh!

I'm so sorry. I've been such a bad blog friend. I'm just snowed under with all this blog business and trying to have a life, so I haven't been able to visit with everyone as much as I'd like.

It looked like your PW encounter was fabulous. I really do love her. And I love her grilled cheese recipe. It's the absolute best. I'm glad you had a great time!

Hi Sweetie!!! Adorable pictures! Thank you so much for taking some of me with PW! You're the best! I loved meeting you so much!


You're so welcome!!

Oh you lucky girls!!!
And coming from a 5' nothing..enjoy your long are just beautiful!
xoxox Susie

*slips Susie a fiver*

Say! PW is sort of hot. Why didn't I get invited to this?????

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