Friday, July 30, 2010

Mrs. Oh and the BeeJeez

So last night Simba caught a ride with us into Tampa for the Gospel meeting and while here she caught wind of my little project above. Can you believe the girl has NO idea who these guys were - before or after their feline facelifts. Tobey attempted to give her clues as I was calling out song titles and that was of little help as well.

Tobey signed the letter 'B' and then the letter 'G' and Simba answered: BeeJeez?? It sounded more like BuhJeez though which I thought was both hysterical and sad at the same time. I suppose I can't complain - she does know who Meat Loaf is and in the world of music that is all that really matters isn't it. Don't answer that.


June, or Dr. June as she is perferring to be called these days, is giving away a inflatable fruitcake to the first person who put her cat Henry onto Barry Gibb. Well not literally, photoshoppally that is. Be sure to see this version by another reader of hers - it is to die for funny. I would really love to win that fruitcake as I think it would make a lovely addition at my Christmas buffet. Well that really isn't the reason why I need that fruitcake. Joann over at the Laundry originally won the fruitcake and I think it would be a riot if I got it and if Joann and I ever do lunch....I'd bring that fruitcake to the Applebees and rub it in her face. Not literally of course. More like neener, neener. I know she really wants that fruitcake for her Christmas buffet too.

So I needed to send Dr. June my link and I couldn't find a way to contact her except through FaceBook. And shocked I was that her name actually isn't June. I have been reading her for close to two years and I never knew. But then again my last name isn't really Ohtobe so I guess we are even. Hopefully that person that dinged me once for using 'so' too many times isn't keeping track in this post. So. Anyways.

Hopefully I can keep Stayin' Alive here and win that fruitcake. I think it would be a Trajedy if I didn't. Maybe June will show me how Deep is Her Love for my picture and send me that fruitcake. I know that winning it will make me More Than a Woman and give me some serious Night Fever. So (ahem) go visit with June and Grease the wheels so I can win. And I ain't just Jive Talkin' here folks - I really want, need that dang fruitcake.



Every time I hear the name BeeGee's it reminds me of those purple (with white spashes on them!) bell bottom pants I had to wear to school one dark and dismal day. Bell bottom style faded out MANY years before, but thanks to my older brother and 'hand me downs' they lived on..... That was the longest school day ever! EVER!

I associate BeeGees with those pants......I never ever want to see, hear or smell the BeeGee's again....EVER!

-Matt (I have issues I think)

Oh. My. Gosh - I remember those pants!!! ROFL

Every man woman and child who saw them remembers them!

People remembered where they were when Kennedy was shot or when they heard the Shuttle exploded....they also remember the first time they saw those pants!


That and your "I got his way from kissing girls" t-shirt. The one with the cartoon guy on it with his tongue sticking our and his eye balls going this way and that-a-way. I think Mom just wanted to make sure none of us were ever attractive to the opposite sex. LOL

In all fairness, yours was better. Hands down. I'm wasn't supposed to be goofing at my "work" either - my son almost missed the bus for summer school. A small sacrifice for some inflatable goodness ;)

Dear Mrs. OhtobetalentedatPhotoshoplikeyou,

I have been thinking it over, and you really deserve a consolation prize/honorable mention for your Bee Gees/June's cats photo. Attached is a link for your Frosting-Flavored Cupcake Floss that I am sending you. Email me with your address. (My email is on my blog, right side of the page, where it reads, "Email me."

You rock. You're more than a woman. More than a woman to me.


Rebecca: naw you won fair and loaf-pan-of-inflatable-goodness square.

June: I don't care what Matt said above about the Bee Gees. And I won't recall Barry's American Idol appearance a while back where he wore that see through shirt that showed off a little too much of his Barryness. Cupcake floss rocks! Thank you, Thank you!

Be jealous my friends, be jealous! ;)

"That and your "I got his way from kissing girls" t-shirt. "

I have pic if me wearing that for one of my school pics, 5th grade or so..........nice, huh?


See, Mrs. Oh, I am so much more jealous of your new prize. Seriously? Cupcake flavored floss? I am a floss addict and the most exciting floss I can find is mint. Do you know how sick I am of mint?

Congratulations, yours was magnificent. Loved the capped teeth.

Matt: It is a wonder we ever got you married off!

Joann - what I find so funny is that I faded the picture of Henry from top to bottom so those are actually Barry's teeth showing through. And I visited the Cupcake Mint web site - do you know they have bacon flavored floss there!

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