Friday, December 10, 2010

Clash of the Kittens!

And here we have Okie....who looks exactly like Yodie at that age. I say that like Yodie is ready to be shipped off to the Old Cat's Home at her ripe old age of 8 weeks.

I really can't tell the difference between Baby Okie and Baby Yodie. But it seems that Okie is always looking a little perturbed but she/he is just the most loving kitty and is always content to sit on my lap and let me love on her. Or him.

The kitties at play. Okie is on the bottom.

See what I mean...

This was the night after I rescued Okie. Her eyes are both open and crusty-free.

I don't know why but those pictures remind me of Prince John from Disney's Robin Hood. All that smugness I suppose.

And for those playing along: we were able to capture all but two of the cats next door and the last baby kitty still has not been found. I am hoping since the Momma was caught that the baby will be venturing out... We will be doing another capture tonight to see if we can get the last few ones - I was really surprised at how easy it was and again surprised at the massive amounts of guilt I am feeling having betrayed their trust in me. But I know it is in their best interests and they will be back home in a week....


Congrats on the kitty captures so far. I hope you can rescue all of them and they can find forever homes. Wish I lived closer to you so I could take one in.

Aww thanks Carol!

I sure hope you can get all of the babies. They deserve a change, but they need to be "fixed" so they will be better pets for someone. You are such a wonderful person for doing this. Sounds like something I would do. :-)

Tee - the lady that picked them up did so to get them all fixed on her own dime. 11 cats in all. She said she has fixed 800 cats this year alone. And from $10-25 a pop....she is the one to be commended!

Did you read my post on Oscar Snuggles, King of Tidewater?

Those babies look a lot like Oscar did when he was that age.

Tee: Yes I read it when you first posted about Oscar and I agree that they look so much alike! I swore I posted a response on your blog but when I went back it wasn't there :|

I probably clicked the wrong button, I'm really technically challenged.

I still miss my Oscar, I look for him on the porch every time I walk into my kitchen, then I remember, it still hurts.

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