Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ray Charles and Mrs. Ohtobe

I had been wanting to take pictures of the cats next door and thought about taking pictures while we were doing the capture but I thought the flash would scare them off. As it stands we got all but two cats and that dang baby kitty.

We caught the Momma right off but she must have moved the kitty and to say I am worried to death is an understatement. We have three cages set and I am checking them constantly but no such luck at getting the last two.

There is a solid black cat that is pretty new to the group and then there is Ray. Or Ray Charles. For some reason I pronounce it RayCHARles. All one word with the emphasis on the Char. Go figure.

Anyways, Sue, the lady who is paying to have all these cats spayed and neutered, called me this morning to get an update. I told her we hadn't caught the black one or RayCHARles yet. She asked if I knew if Ray was a male or female and I told her I had no idea. Other than when I rescued kitty #2 last week Ray never got close to me. When I was coaxing the kitty out of her hidey hole Ray couldn't get enough of me. I have that effect on people er cats.

So I told Sue the reason I call RayCHARles Ray is because he/she is blind in one eye. I then said I realized that the real Ray was blind in both eyes but since this cat plays the piano we were good with the name.

Last night Ray was gone and I couldn't find him anywhere. I checked the cages and no Ray. Then when I walked back around he was laying in the middle of the drive way. And it was SO cold out...but he of course wouldn't come to me or eat - and that poor thing hasn't been fed since Tuesday. The last few days he has been acting strange and I think he might be sick. Or maybe he senses since all the other cats are gone that something is up. I thought he would have been one of the first ones we would have caught as he is always first in line at supper time.

I am hoping he shows back up. I am sure he will once the others return home next week. Oh - and this lady Sue has such a big heart. She has spayed/neutered over 800 cats this year. One her own dime. She said that a gal she works with was telling her about a new restaurant she should take her husband to and that they could get a nice meal for $80. Sue said that she couldn't spend that kind of money on one dinner and that she equates everything in spays and neuters. $80 dinner = 8 cats fixed. I really think she is a saint!



I sure hope you can catch Ray. Have you tried using tuna to coax him into the cage?

Me too Tee. We baited the cages with tuna and when that didn't work I added scrambled eggs which the younger kitties just loved. I have now added both wet and dry food and still no luck. But I did see him tonight before church so I am hoping we can still get him this week.

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