Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kitten update - not really

Tee has requested a kitten update and I tried to post and blogger is giving me fits with the pictures!

I will try again tonight to post pictures.

I can tell you that Yodie is a kitty-bully and is enjoying batting the baby kitty around. Our lab Daisy has taken to the new kitty just like she did with the Yodsters. We are keeping the baby separated for the most part because she is very scaredy-cat of all of us. While she is coming out to play now on the first night she was so entrenched under our bed I thought we would never get her out. Anywho...

I couldn't get the other baby kitty but I am hoping that I can tonight. The kitty lady is coming tonight to try and get as many cats as she can and then they will all get spayed and neutered - and then dropped back off at the foreclosed house next week. We are doing another kitty roundup on Saturday and I am hoping we can get everyone collected up as they will be tenting the house for termites next week.

I will tell you this:
The night I sat to try to get the babies went a little like this:

First, I had no intention of kittynapping. I simply went to do my daily feeding and I walked around to the back of the house and I spied one of the kitties out playing. Well, the poor kitty saw me and made a beeline for their hidey hole. Finally! I was so happy I found where they were stashed. Now usually when I walk around the house none of the other cats bother to follow me. Not so this time, they were all highly interested in what I was doing.

So I went back home and grabbed some canned food and the flashlight and headed back over. I sat on the ground (brrr) and placed some of the food on the opening. Nothing happened. Unless you count all the cats from the front coming to the back. And I waited. I saw two little kitty heads pop up and get some of the food but they weren't positioned where I could catnap them.

One of the other cats I call Ray - who is blind in one eye (hence the nickname: Ray Charles) and always has been so skiddish of me - came right up to me and I actually got to pet her as he/she went to town on the left over canned food.

By now it is dark. And cold. And I have no coat on nor shoes. Isn't the first thing you take off when you get home is your shoes then followed quickly by your bra? So I go back home and grab my coat and some socks and a few kitty toys. I went to get more canned food and we were now out. I knew I couldnt entice those kitties with dry food. But we had a breakfast supper for dinner that night and who can resist bacon and eggs? Those kitties sure couldn't!

When I got back to the hole I flashed the light into it to see what I could see and I saw one kitty who was suffering from what I call the Yodie eye: all crusted up and shut tight. Everytime the light came across the kitty she would squint and back away. Dang. What to do? I grabbed one our our garden lights and that soft light seemed to give me enough light to see and keep the kitty interested.

Then I first put a chunk of scrambled egg on the edge of the hidey hole and quicker than you can say June has Big Hair - it was gone it one big gulp. I thought - dang those kitties are hungry! But it was the Momma cat. She got her fill of eggs and bacon and finally the kitties came a callin'.

The poor things had to perch themselves on the plumbing under the house due to the 18 inch drop from the hole to the ground. And they kept prairie doggin'. In and Out. Nom nom nom. In and Out. Nom nom nom. Every time I thought they were close enough to snatch - they would fall back down the hole.

Now I have been outside since I got home from work at 4:30 and it was closing in on 8:00 p.m. Finally I had enough of waiting and the next time I saw a kitty head pop out for my homemade Denny's breakfast - I grabbed her. Him. It. I snatched her up and put her in the cat carrier and no sooner had I closed the door but Momma cat had her head through the hole.

And I know this is silly - but I told her not to worry that I was going to take care of her baby.

After I got the kitty in the house, I cleaned up her eyes and put Yodie's leftover drops in her eyes. Within a few minutes her Yodie eye started to open just a tiny bit and the gunk in her other eye cleared up as well. By morning both of her eyes looked just fine but I am continuing to keep the drops going to be sure.

Now what I really wanted to tell you was this: when I walked back into the house with the kitty I was carrying the cat carrier, flashlight, garden stake light, cat toy on a pole thing, water bottle, food dish and my shoes. The toy thing was in my mouth with the toy part dangling.... you can just imagine how insane I looked.

Nappy took one look at me and said, "Mom, you have a problem!" They are now calling me the crazy cat lady - which I always said I would become. I told Nappy that yeah I had a problem and it was having too big of a heart.

So pics tonight if all goes well.


Mrs. Oh, I kitty-napped me some babies one time from a neighbor who just kept letting their mommy cat get pregnant and then would 'forget' to feed the little babies. Mommy cat got kidnapped also and fixed. I'm sure the owners had to notice the buzzed hair and scar on her but they never let on. Anyway, we found homes for all the kittens and they lived much healthier lives than if they had been left to wander for themselves. DH and I will take on any cats in the neighborhood and feed them/take care of them/get them fixed. I'm so glad he has a soft heart like I do. Good luck!

Mrs. Oh, you are doing the right thing. Getting those kitties fixed so they don't keep reproducing babies that end up who knows where. I'll check back for the photos. Check my blog on how I got my last three kitties. I did a tribute to our previous Oscar Snuggles when we lost him last March. I'm still grieving, but we need some time to let our hearts heal. Mollie brought Sweet Pea and Oscar to us. Read the story.

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