Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Let's get ready to rumbllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Today's battle is between Yodie "Spaghettiodie" McYoderson and Just A Dollop O'Daisy McGee. McYoderson is wearing the grey striped trunks while McGee is channeling her some Ivan Lendl and dressing all in lab that is.
The young McYoderson is in fine fighting form today!

In her before fight interview, "Spaghettiyodie" said she firmly believes in psyching out her opponent.

The younger McYoderson strikes the first blow!

Yodie thinks hiding behind the pole of scratching will protect her from McGee's jaws of steel... a rookie mistake.

And the battle continues... the war rages on... oh the humanity...felininity... caninity...

The Yodster employs her flying squirrel maneuver...

But the experienced Dollop of Daisy is no match and pins the young kitten.

1.2.3 - And Daisy wins another one!

And she lives to fight another day and trust me...she is planning her revenge.



Thankyou for posting this. I giggled as I watched the match unfold. Yay for the champion kitty hehehe

Great post, Mrs Oh! I loved it.

That kitten is has been loved and nursed into a whirling dirvish of fur and claws. I wish great luck to the Dollop o'Daisy in keeping that young'un in line. : )

Loved this post. That baby is really growing. She will soon rule the roost if she doesn't already. Cats have a way of just being in charge.

What a cutie! Such a difference from her sad little first photos on the blog, with her weepy little eye and all. And, also, what a wonderful dog. Don't tell Talu and Edsel, but black labs are THE BEST!

We need a kitten update.

Okay. That? was hilarious!

I am missing some kitty love so bad! With two dogs, the vote is no for any more animals. Yeah...we'll see.

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