Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two weeks notice

It is hard to believe that we have gone from this above....

To this in a little over two weeks...

Is someone secure and comfy and beyond loved?

It is hard to believe the little bundle I picked up - the one thats eyes were blackened with dirt and so crusted over with infection she was wandering blind - would turn out to be this adorable loving little creature. And despite the fact that Tobey was really none to happy with me for rescuing her...and then presenting her as his birthday he walks around with her on his shoulder like he is Captain Ahab and she is his parrot. The changes in both of them have been remarkable to watch.



I am SO loving all your kitty pictures. I raised two from the moment they were born (borther and sister) and man, was it a lot of work. But so worth it, as I think hand raised kitties are more loving. Mine little baby kitty is 10 years old now and the love of my son's life.

Your pictures brought back such nice memories.

We have an 18 week old kitten that I rescued too. He had a fungus on his ears and feet but that is gone now. He is such a loving, trusing kitty and has brought a lot of joy to our lives. We had been without a cat of any kind for a couple of months and wihtout a lap-kitty for several years now. Yours looks sweet too.

Aww thanks ladies - I was worried my blog was going to be All Yodie, All Day - but I don't care because I just can't get enough of that little kitty-kitty!

I am smiling again.

What a lucky kitty Yodie is to have been adopted by you! Such a cutie.

Oh, and didn't we all make Hulk get rid of his jean shorts? Better tell your husband to stay away from the BBP site! ;-)

ROFL on the jean shorts!

Sounds like one sweet sign design you mentioned on my blog. hehehehe
What a precious kitty! One very blessed kitty that is!

Oh how I love these photos of your little furbaby. She is beautiful. As I commented before she looks just like our Oscar Snuggle. I'll be following her progress, so keep those photos coming. She seems to be a snuggle bunny as well. Sweet Pea and Oscar were both snugglers.

Oh my god. Thank you thank you thank you for taking in this little waif. Breaks my heart.

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