Monday, November 15, 2010


These two are peas n carrots.

See what I mean?

These two? Not so much. Tolerance is the key!

A sleepy Yodie

It is almost the exact likeness of Mutt Rushmore...


Oh! The ears!
***dying from cuteness overload***

Thanks Tammi!!

AWWWWW! That baby looks just like my Oscar Snuggles did when he was a baby. We lost him last March and my heart still hurts. Check my blog for his story (and his sister) their mama brought them to us and put them down in my kitchen floor.

Oh i love it! Peas and carrots :) Can't get much cuter then that.

Now that is a lovely way for me to start the day. I am smiling away down here in Australia.

Smiling is a great way to start the day Kim *hugs*

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