Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Florida Caverns: The Review Part 2

Now the Ranger told us it was going to be cold...

Chewie is holding a piece of ice from an area the beavers dammed off.

And I was prepared with my electric blanket but not prepared for not having electricity. On the first night we lived to tell the tale - frozen toes, fingers and all. Thankfully there was the nearby Wal-Mart and we purchased a 100' extension cord to go with all of our other camping cords we brought. We plugged into the near by picnic shelter and voila: electric blankets worked and the boys were happy to have power to watch movies at night in their tent.

Basecamp Ohtobe

Tobey loves his new campin' grill with legs! We had hot dogs over the fire the first night, burgers the second night and steaks on our final night. Yum!

You can see our tent was on a slight slope. Tobey and I feared we were going to roll down the site by the end of the first night.

I had to include this shot of Chewie napping because the boys made mention 'that all the parents do when we go camping is sleep'. Well my friends - you can see we are not alone when it comes to taking a nice campin' nap.

What a difference from our last camping trip! The first night we were all by ourselves and look at that privacy! We did have neighbors the next two nights but the sites were spaced far enough apart it didn't encroach on our privacy.

The boys' tents. The first night they each slept in their own tent but after freezing to death and Nappy discovering a hole in his sleeping bag: they decided to bunk together for the rest of the trip.
I can't rave enough about this state park. It was beyond clean and the camp staff were wonderful - they came by the second morning to make sure we survived and fixed our water spigot as it froze solid over night. If you are ever in the area this is a park not to miss and even if you have to drive the six hours like we did, I highly recommend that you make the trek - you won't be disappointed.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our last installment and pictures of our hike.


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