Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Florida Caverns: The Review Part 3

First let me state that I am sorry I shopped the Old Navy's Black Friday special where I bought the boys several pairs of new sleep pants. I wrongly assumed they would only sleep in them and not wander the wilderness in a blaze of plaid.

So without further adieu: our last installment on the Florida Caverns and in no particular order

I love taking pictures of fire! I see two faces in the flames - do you?

I call this one: Fungi on a log.

The Blue Hole spring. The water was amazingly blue and natural!

Chewie was all about climbing down the ravines this trip. I am totally enamored with the cypress knees. They are like clouds - you can see just about anything in them.

Tobey and Chewie on the trails.

Do you remember that scene in Lord of the Rings where Gandalf confronts the Balrog...? I like to call this picture "You Shall Not Plaid".

One of the streams that runs through the park.

Tobey AND Chewie climbed down one of the ravines in the part of our trip where I worried one or both were going to break a leg.

Chewie kept begging to climb down and I finally caved in. Not to be outdone or the last one down, Tobey joined in on the fun of scarying the wits out of me.

You can see why I thought someone was going to break a limb or three.

My men.

What is with my hair? Oh right. We were camping and my eyeball was in my pocket.

We had such a good trip and the weather was wonderful until Monday morning when it began to rain. We ended up just rolling the tents up and shoving them in the van and we unpacked everything yesterday so it would dry out. We spent our evenings eatting smores and playing RISK where Tobey won on the first night and I wiped the board with them boys on the second night.

So I hope you have enjoyed my three-part report on the Florida Caverns and we are looking forward to camping again next month... a little closer to home this time.


What's wrong with wearing plaid pj's around in the woods?


Those people who go to a job interview in jorts and flip flops.

Mrs. Oh, Glad I saw your Fl Caverns pics. We have visited nearly every FL State Park and have found every one of them as you described this one--immaculate, fascinating and well staffed. And almost nobody goes there!

Glad your eye is better. Hope all returns to normal.

Loved Thou Shall Not Plaid!

LOL @ Rob

Thanks PJ!

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