Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good News

I am always amazed at how much these two love each other. Yodie is on top and Okie is on the bottom and they spent most of the afternoon napping wrapped around each other.

Okie's usual sleeping pose. All together now: awwwww

I thought I had mentioned somewhere on here about Yodie's poor bottom. She has suffered with what the Vet dubbed 'rectal prolapse' which in essence looked like she had an outtie instead of an innie. It wasn't pretty as you can imagine. The Vet suggested to have it tucked back in once we get Yodie spayed and I was so looking forward to how much that was going to cost.

I had asked the vet if it was possible that this thing was going to correct itself all on it's own and that maybe Yodie would just grow into her butthole....well guess what? She did!! I am sure that she is so much more comfortable now and I am so relived as it wasn't the prettiest thing you ever saw. So yay for Yodie!

I'll update more this weekend on my doctor appointments and the like.



These sweet kitties must bring a smile to your face. They are just too cute.

Congrats on day 20! Fabulous!!

Sadie from BBPland

Love these photos. The gray tabby looks just like our Oscar Snuggles when he was that age. He had all those spots on his stomach. Good news about her condition improving!

I don't know how I missed the news of your heart attack, until yesterday.

I'm so very glad you are alive and kicking and able to gripe about the cigarettes. Been there with you kid, on the cigarettes. It does get easier.

Love your kitty pics. Kittens and puppies. Guaranteed to make anyone smile.

Hurray on the no ciggies! I wish my hubby would quit. I try no to bug him but I'm just tired of the smell.He does only smoke outside.

Hurry also for the Yodie's innie butt.

Ohhhhh! Kittens! I want to smush my face right in the middle of their tummies. What? Like you haven't done it eighteen times today already.

Congrats on the smoking. You've cleared a big hurdle.

Oh how I love to nuzzle their soft little kitty bellies while chanting "I love me some kitteh belly" - glad to know I am not alone!

Hi Mrs. Oh,
fellow animal lover visiting from BBP. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Enjoying your posts, although I was eating while reading this one...ick...

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