Thursday, March 17, 2011


Tee over at Simple and Southern has asked several times how the kitties are here is a picture of Pete instead!

Just are the kitties:

Yodie and Okie - *nom nom nomnom*

"Iz tolerate you and your black flashy box only for de food woman."
Okie and Yodie

Okie and Yodie

Yod has really become so stripey while Okie's stripes are slowly evolving. And size-wise Yod seems almost full grown by her counterparts that hang outside our front door and Okie still seems small and runtlike. You might like to know that Yodie sits at the front window looking out on her feral/stray cousins and Nappy talks smack to her about how I stole her from her family etc. It is a wonder that kitty is as normal as she is.

We have had to start kicking her out of the bedroom at night. She has a habit of sleeping on the very top of my head - picture me with a kitteh-halo - and she spends half the evening kneading my head and hair until she is comfy and while it was cute the first couple of months, I am so over it these days. I thought with cuting my hair all off she would stop but it only has spurred her on and I just feel her claws more.

Okie has really bonded with Frodo and spends half of his day sitting outside Frodo's bedroom door just waiting to play with their cat Bones. Bones doesn't seem as excited to see Okie though. But both kitties are the most loving cats I have ever known. I wouldn't trade them for the world although Tobey would really like to trade me in for bringing them inside.



They have grown sooo much! AND changed so much. Our kitties always slept with us, especially in the winter. They wanted under the covers. It was fine in cool weather, but it was miserable in warm weather, especially going through menopause.

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