Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunday Selection: The Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Yesterday we visited the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and you can too by checking out their web cams. I thought I would share some pictures of Panama the Dolphin painting.

The animal art is for sale and all proceeds are used to help "Rescue, Rehab and Release" the animals at the CMA. I have linked up with Kim's Sunday Selections - be sure to check out all the other wonderful links!



Good to know that it's a rescue/rehab/release facility!

I have no problem with the tricks and routines as such - dolphins and whales are intelligent animals and need something to do - but I don't like the thought of them living in a barren (and to them, very small) tank forever.

Great photos!

Rescue, Rehab and Release ONLY ... lovely pics, hope you enjoyed your day.

I agree with Jay's comment 100% Thanks for joining in. I am sorry it took so long to get over here but I ahev only just gotten back from Sydney :) I talked about your chocolate and what an amazing gift it was. :)

Mrs. Oh, where are you? I surely hope you are doing well.

Sadie from BBPland

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