Friday, April 1, 2011

I take it all back...almost

I am sure you remember all of my trash talking of the Kenmore brand.... would you believe last week that we had another issue with our refrigerator! That is 3 problems this year alone - not counting one last December and one last August too. The technician that fixed our fridge informed us that the problem we are having is a design flaw and we will continue to have issues as long as we own the fridge. Oh the joy. I then looked at the invoice that we would have had to have paid if we didn't have their Master Protection Plan. The total was close to $300. And the kicker here is that this is the exact same thing they just fixed a few months ago. So this time next year when our Plan runs out we can look forward to spending $300 every few months to fix this problem.

I think not.

So I called Sears again and this time I spoke with their 'Lemon' appliance folks. Who knew they have a special department just for defective items. I was planning on yelling and raising the roof over this stupid refrigerator situation but no, I got some elderly, great, great-grandma sounding type on the phone and I didn't have it in me to yell at her. But I didn't have to either! The technician updated our records to show that we qualified to have the appliance replaced.


Grandma Hazel - remember that show Hazel? With the Baxters? Anywho - she said someone would call us on Monday. And can you believe someone actually did. Now comes the good part my friends. The last fridge cost us a little over $2,800 four years ago. That included tax, tag and title...or tax and the Master Plan thingie. Sears authorized us to replace the fridge at $2,900. So we made a little money on the deal, I suppose that was for our troubles.

This past Tuesday we picked out this little beauty and we noticed all the problem areas on our old fridge were taken care of on the new one. And the remainder of our MPP transfers over to our new fridge - I am hoping we won't need it. I figured I would give Sears the benefit of the doubt and I am praying we won't have any issues with this one. If we do: I am calling Grandma Hazel.



This is great news! Are you getting the one with the two freezer doors? I'm sure you will keep up posted on the quality of this refrigerator. Good things do come to good people.

BTW, how are you feeling these days?

Wonderful news! Hope your new refrigerator is perfect 'cause you just don't need any more aggravation.

Sadie at BBPland

When will Grandma Hazel deliver your new refrigerator?

I'm sure it can't be soon enough.

Sadie at BBPland

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