Thursday, April 7, 2011

In Celebration...

of 500 posts and the world taking a notice! Okay. Not really. But I have rolled over my 500th post and despite not blogging as much as I used to: I wanted to celebrate my little milestone with a give-a-way! But don't think I am going to let you off that easy.... A few weeks ago I purchased this gorgeous sewing cabinet. It is in two pieces. The top opens up with spool holders on the inside of the doors and it also has three shelves inside. The bottom slides out and has some sort of lift mechanism thingie that raises and lowers my sewing machine. Or it will very soon. And a big thanks to Tobey for fixing the lift dohickey that I didn't even know about when I purchased the unit.


I have huge plans for this little house of ours once all the kids grow up and move out. In one of the bedrooms I plan on putting up board and batten siding and making that little room my crafty coastal room. And this little sewing cabinet will fit in perfectly - except when I first saw it at the store I immediatetly saw it in white. Not wood.

Of course Tobey thinks it is a sacrilege to paint all that beautiful wood and since he fixed the electrical who'sit I figured he has a say so. Thankfully so do you!

So here is the deal. To celebrate my 500th post and my purchase of this beautiful cabinet I will be giving away a $25 gift card to your choice of Lowe's, Michael's or JoAnn's. All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me if you would paint the cabinet or not and which store you would like your gift card to be from. I was really hoping to do a bigger prize for all of my readers who have stuck by me the last two years but hey, don't forget I still have 3.8 million dollars in hospital bills to pay for ;) This contest will run until midnight April 15th. Be sure when you comment to leave a link to your blog or e-mail address so that I can contact you if you are the winner! I will announce the winner on April 16th, so be sure to check back.


Anita has asked for a few more pictures:

The label on the back: Parsons, Osceola, Arkansas. Since 1948 The top of the cabinet. The shelves are fixed and while I thought it was two separate pieces someone threw together themselves - I don't think that any more because 1. Parsons made sewing cabinets and the label is on the top piece not the bottom. The bottom of the cabinet with the lift mechanism. The plastic holders on the inside of the doors mimic the ones I removed from the top. I had to take them down to remove the hardware which I plan on replacing. Unfortunately the width of the hardware is a weird length and very hard to find so far.

And so far it seems pretty evenly split. The men say leave her alone and the women say paint her! Just a reminder to leave me a way to contact you if you win. While I will announce the winner here, what if you guys forget to check back? Then I will have to start going down a list and what fun is that going to be!



eeeek don't paint the wood. Congratulations on 500 blog posts YAY!

Absolutely NOT ... that is some beautiful wood and it would be a shame to cover it with paint.

Honey - your vote doesn't count ;)

Absolutely paint it!! Hard to choose the gift card, but probably JoAnn's.

Paint, paint, paint that wood! Otherwise, you will always do an inner sigh when you look at it.

Congratulations on 500 posts. I heard about you from that car-crashing June Gardens. ;)

Oh, and if I win, I'd love a Lowe's gift card.

Definitely paint it & give it a distressed look! Sorry Tobey. Especially if you are going for that coastal look.
Yes I've noticed you have been slacking on your blog posts :)....Congrats on 500!
JoAnn's please!

Paint a nice oak cabinet? That would be positively criminal.

I would paint it. I'm gearing up (or should I say "WE" are gearing up) to paint our bedroom furniture this summer and possibly my curio cabinet.

But my vote may or may not count since we're related!!

Love ya!


Definitely paint it!

I would have to agree with Toby on this one. Let the natural woods beauty show.

I cast my vote for leaving it as it is and I wouldn't mind getting a Lowes card.

Congratulations on the 500th post. I see that the vote is almost even so I wanted to get my vote in for not painting the wood. A Michaels gift card would be great!

First of all at this very moment I am a vivid shade of green. Your sewing cabinet is amazing. I had no Idea something like that existed. I have been looking for a sewing/craft storage/workspace options. Was it custom made?
I live in a loft style apartment so a medium gloss black would be awesome. See what I did there? He he. I made it mine!

I was so excited about the cabinet I forgot about the card. Surprise me!

Erin: I know! There is a label on the back of the cabinet that says Parsons, Osceola, Arkansas, Making Cabinets from 1948...I have Googled the heck out of them and have not seen another one like this. I think the company went out of business in the mid-80's.

I am really torn on this question. If the cabinet and wood is in good shape I would say leave it alone otherwise painting is an easy solution. Looking at the picture I would say that it looks in very good shape so leave it alone. Make mine a Lowes card if you please.

I agree with Mike.

I would paint it. It IS a gorgeous cabinet, but in this day and age, it will still be a gorgeous cabinet underneath if you decide you hate the paint. And no one said it had to be full coverage... what about a pattern or a meaningful saying?

oh, and I don't expect or even deserve to win, I just stopped by from June's blog. :)

So glad you're feeling better!

Definitely paint the cabinet. Here's why:

1. It is yours and you want to.
2. You want it in your crafty coastal room--that says white.
3. I have had to live being held hostage by my husband's childhood DARK WOOD twin beds, dresser and end tables in the guest room. I really really want to make that room wedgewood blue and white. Sure it's beautiful wood, but it's heavy as sin.
4. Live it up! Be happy! Be whimsical! Don't let that wood hold your spirit hostage.

I'll take a gift certificate to Michael's, please, where I will buy materials for my visual journal where I paint things any color that makes my heart happy.

Oh paint it! It's wood, not gold. Why do men have such an attachment to this stuff. You'd think they were all lumberjacks. It will go better with your coastal theme sewing room. Where did you get it? Is it old? I want to see it opened up! Did you show that already and I missed it? Ok, I'll stop with the questions. I think either Lowes, HomeDepot or Target as they get most of my money.:) And congrats on your 500th!

Interesting ... I just had to comment. Why do woman always want to mask the natural beauty of items. Let the wood stand on its' own and let it shine.

I agree with Chuck. The cabinet looks great as it is. So can I get the Lowes card?

Mrs. Oh, I followed you here from pieland. I'm a skulking seldom commenting longtime follower of Miss June. All this time I have been picturing you as a short sassy ASIAN lady! For reals Asian! I guess I thought June was more diversified then she is?? Asian...killing myself now

*snort laffin @ Pam

I vote no paint. In ten years or maybe a 100, someone or you is going to cus you for painting a lovely oak cabinet while they are stripping it to make it right again. Another BBP import, love your pet stories!

Here's my question. When do you plan on converting the room to board and batten and where will your sewing chest reside until that time?

One idea is to leave it unpainted until you are ready to convert the room. Then, you could paint it fit the new decor. That way, you both WIN. Of course, if you can't live with it unpainted until then, go ahead and paint it. After all, it is yours.

Sadie from BBPland trying to compromise.

I read your latest post. HILARIOUS! I'm here to cast a REAL vote.

PAINT THE CABINET! I'm jealous. It is a great find. That would be a great cabinet for anyone that sews. I would love to have a nice cabinet like it. However, that would require me to rearrange my sewing room/office. At the moment my sewing machine is under the window, which is great for the natural light.

Okay, if Toby can vote twice, three times, I'll vote again as well--paint the cabinet. :-)

I failed to tell you which card I prefer. The Lowe's card.

Paint it, but not on the inside. The contrast will be beautiful! You are very lucky to find such a pretty and useful cabinet! Oh, Joanne's please, if I win.

I have the exact same cabinet and I'm taking it apart to sand and paint as I type! BTW I'm painting it white

I inherited the exact same sewing cabinet! The motor works great, but I can not keep it. Any suggestions on what its worth?

Julie in Southern

Julie - unfortunately I have no idea how much the cabinet is worth. To me? Priceless. I think I paid $129 and that included a never before used sewing machine too. The machine I think was worth $30-$40. Also - I have only seen 3 others on the 'net - cuz you know I scoured it looking for similiar cabinets. I am so glad you contacted me even if you can't keep your cabinet :)

I ran across this site looking for a replacement insert for this Parsons unit and not being shy,here you go.I bought one just like this for my wife in 1987 along with a 930 Bernina.
The cabinet cost 525.00 back then.Today,it would cost 2 to 3 times that new. It's made of hard wood and made in the USA so Sorry, I would have a hard time painting a Windsor chair or a Queen Ann table. Yes, I know it's not quite the same,But! you get the point. Ooo! Yes-it could be a MAN thing. and congrats!500 posts you go.

I just found this blog. I hope you didn't paint the wood. I own this Parson's sewing cabinet with the hardware intact. Custom cabinets, such as this one, would cost $2,500-$3,000 (recently, I priced one as a gift for my daughter.) You've got a wonderful, versatile sewing cabinet...that I hope isn't painted!

I have one if these cabinets and looking to sell it. It has a bernina 930 electric sewing machine in it. I live in Michigan. Asking $3000 please email me at

I have one of these cabinets for sale. With a bernina 930 electric sewing machine and a TON of extras to go with it. Asking $3000

Don't paint it! It really is beautiful. I have a parson sewing cabinet with 4 drawers. The top opens up on both sides. I like it better than my new hydraulic lift cabinet that I purchased from It's a Stitch. I have left mine as I got it. The beautiful wood stain. The label has Parsons 1946 and Osceola, Arkansas. I purchased mine at a garage sale in Kingwood, Tx. for $20. 8/3/2013

Drat it, I am too late! I also purchased the same cabinet, only all of the door mounted holder thingy's are plastic. Did yours come with a sewing machine? I would like to know what works best with this lift? My B-day is tomorrow! ..... do I qualify for a prize?! lol! Salliann

OMG!!! I Googled Parsons Sewing cabinets and then scoured the images to find yours. I bought this same set at Value Village in Lacey Washington yesterday. I too thought it was not a matched set, and tried to get them to sell me just the bottom piece, but they insisted it was a set. It has some minor scratches, but its going to be lovely once its cleaned up a little. Surprised that the lift actually works...AND i paid a whopping $12.99! Once I decide which machine I'm going to use it for, I'll have to find out how to replace the plastic insert. Thanks for your post!

I have no idea how to make it work. I have very nearly the same two-piece cabinet. I paid $20. I'd be so excited if I knew all the things I'm supposed to know: bolting the machine to the platform; pulling out the shelf all the way; does the electric lift even work! If you're still here, I'd appreciate a heads up. I'm usually pretty good at this kind of thing but I could really use a hint or two. Thank you!

Shoot me an email @ aprileversole @ and I will try n help you.

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