Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sir Spamalot

I was so excited Friday by the little turn out I had for my give-a-way celebrating my 500th blog post. I was also surprised by the amount of men that kept leaving comments as I didn't think I had a huge 'man' following. But I had posted a link on a few blog link parties and I thought that might have been driving a few testosterone laden readers my way.

I then was discouraged to read that Chris, Keith, Ben, Chuck et al. all agreed to leave the poor sewing cabinet in all of it's woody gloriousness. Until...

Later that night Tobey and I are getting ready for bed and he asked who won the contest. I told him that no one won yet as it runs until the 15th of the month. His response? Are you ready for this? He replied with, "I can't keep this up all week long!"

"Keep what up honey...?" I responded.

Then it dawned on me.

He had spammed the blog and the contest! The fact that he wasn't even all original with the names he used should have been the first tip off for me but it wasn't. Keith is his father. Ben is our son. Chris is our friend. Chuck is a show he loves. And here I was reposting to the original post about people leaving me email or blog links because Chrischuckkeithben hadn't. How am I? And he thinks all of this is hysterical. Me? I want to kill him.

But no worried my friends. 'Cuz regardless of the outcome of the little contest: I am painting that sewing cabinet!! Go me!



You go, Girl. Life is too short to dither yourself about paint/not paint. Go for the smile.

Just arrived here from Pie.
For the sewing cabinet, I suggest you take good pictures of the cabinet as it is now. Save them for your husband.

Paint the cabinet and enjoy it. If you start to feel doubtful, remember that there are many gentle paint removers and refinishers.

When you paint, you are preserving the wood underneath. It's still there.

Life is too short to have a sewing cabinet hanging over your head. (Sounds dangerous, too.)

Oh, that is just totally hilarious! Honestly? I DID think hmmm...she has a lot of male readers. Maybe I will meet a man there! Bwhaahaha!!

Thank you so much for my first laugh of the day.

I am grinning away here. I like your husbands dedication. I honestly think it is a shame to paint over that lovely timber. A real shame. But that is just me, I like timber, my house is all pine ceilings and reclaimed bridge timbers and exposed beams. But don't listen to me :) you do whatever makes you happy my friend.

Ahahah! Go dad! I thought this was hilarious!

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