Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Grandpa Joseph Wagner, KIA WWII, November 24, 1944

The ship suffered the loss of 346 men killed, 43 missing, and 264 wounded including my Gran's brother Gunnar.

Uncle Gunnar Abildgaard and daughter Bobbie. Gunnar was killed when the U.S.S. Bunker Hill was struck by two kamikaze suicide planes. May 11, 1945. Sadly Bobbie passed away before her third birthday.

Remember those that gave the ultimate sacrfice for our freedoms.


*reposted from 5/24/2009


Powerful post!

Thanks Tee ;)

Thank you for this emotional reminder of all that was given to preserve our freedom.


I came by from BBP. This is a beautiful tribute. Your grandpa looks so handsome(and so young) in his uniform. God Bless.

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