Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby and the Brain

You are going to thank me for not posting pictures on this topic....you'll see....

A few weeks ago whilst petting our eldest...dog that is...not kiddo... I noticed her ear was a little dirty. So I went a spelunking to further investigate just how dirty her ear was. Now I did this because I had recently bathed Max and Pete and Tobey was supposed to have bathed Baby. Life got in the way and Baby never got her bath, so I was going to say something to Tobey about that because her ears were dirty.

But when I lifted up her ear I noticed a thing sticking out ear flap area-ish. And yes that is the name of that spot - look it up. Any who, I. Freaked. Out. at 5:00 p.m. on a Friday I ran inside and called our vet and got her an appointment for the next morning.

Then. You guessed it. Then I Googled the heck out of 'canine', 'ear', 'growth' and the like. Take my word for it friends: never, ever Google those words. Ever. And if you do never select the Image only option so you can scan all the growths to see which one matches up to the one sprouting out of your dog. The poor gal at the vet clinic must have thought I was insane because words escaped me when I tried to describe what was wrong with Baby. I think I came up with, "She was a bloody looking cauliflower type thing sprouting out from her under ear flap area." And that is exactly what it looked like.

The next morning we went to the vet and I started crying in the lobby because I just knew this was a cancerous growth as Dr. Google had told me in the pictures he displayed for me. Thankfully I never attended vet school and we pay big bucks to our vets to keep our pets in good shape. Our doctor calmly looked her over and said that the growth was a wart and it really needed to be removed because it would just give Baby problems (leaking and the like: ewww). Baby also had a little spot on the back of her head that he said was another wart and he would remove that as well.

Now there was a serious concern about Baby undergoing surgery. Her age, her health and her portly little self namely. There was a good possibility she wouldn't wake up. Worried would have been an understatement for sure.

We made an appointment for the following Monday morning and Tobey dropped Baby off to be picked up late that afternoon. The clinic said they would call when she was out of surgery. Lunch time rolled around and we hadn't heard a thing until our lunch was almost done and Tobey's phone rang. He gave clipped answers, yes, yes, okay, no, whatever you think is best.

And what comes on the speakers of the restaurant? Mmmmmmbop. If you recall I used Hanson's Mmmmmbop in Tobey's brothers' funeral pictorial because who can be sad listening to that song. Well now every time I hear Mmmmmbop I think of Kirk, which makes me think someone has died. And what are the odds we get a call from the vet and that song plays? So I am again freaking out and Tobey is giving me 'she's fine' routine while listening to the doctor. After he gets off the phone he explained there were further complications with her blood work and they would have to adjust the medication they were using to put her out for the surgery.

I then pointed out the song playing and Tobey said he would have freaked out if he heard that playing while he was on the phone. I said, "Hence my freaking out while you were on the phone"

So Baby made it through her surgery just fine and after a few days the pathology report came back. The growth was cancer but the doctor assures us he got it all and that Baby will be just fine and she is back to her ornery jealous self. I plan on keeping a good eye-ball on her because that growth popped up so suddenly and grew exponentially.

Well that is my "Baby and the Brain" story. Now: don't you go and Google canine ear tumors. I warned ya!



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