Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kitchens 'n Republicans

You may remember my sis-in-law Little Martha Stewart had a blog a while back and after saying she was going to simplify her blog, she deleted it which she said was the epitome of simplicity and I for one have missed her. Well, miss no more because she has started a new blog The Red Door Kitchen and I know this one will be just as good as her last - so stop by and send her some love.

I don't know if I ever shared my memorial tattoo with all y'alls before but here it is:

About a month after Mom died I got it in honor of her. Elephants. On my fluffy body. Whodathunkit. This from the gal who wouldn't buy a cute rain coat once because the inside lining had a whale design on it and I didn't want any smart comments about the whale wearing a whale. Hardee Har Har. Not.

So I went to see my Endocrinologist last week. And guess who has a 6.9 A1c? That's right. ME! Y'all can snoopy dance with me! Opps, I digressed which is so unlike me. Ahem. The doctor has me hop up on the table and he pulls the leg rest out and notices my tattoo:

Dr: Are you a Republican?
Mrs. Oh: Huh....ohhhhhh, heck no. *finally realizing he is looking at my tattoo* That's for my Mom....who was neither a Republican nor an Elephant
Dr: *looks at me funny* Then why the elephants?
Mrs. Oh: Because Mom loved elephants.

I'm sure he thinks I am insane now. Like he didn't before. But it was pretty cool to have my elderly doctor give me a high-five because I slashed my A1c in half. Yes half. Don't judge.



Congrats on the A1C! Looks like the Y is paying off in more ways than one.

And thanks for mentioning the new blog :) I passed out on the couch last night before I could upload the pictures I took of the herb garden. Tomorrow is another day.

Love ya!


This IS great news about the A1C. How did you do it?

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