Friday, August 26, 2011

Hi Momma.....I noticed....

This post is a little overdue. I snapped this picture during the first week of July but we had so much going on and then Baby got sick....

Those dang bromeliads. I tell you what friends - those things never bloom unless something is going on here. Like it is Mother's Day. Or like last month when upon the anniversary of Mom's passing I noticed the dang thing a bloomin'. It never blooms any other time. Ever. But let some date roll around that is significant to me because of Mom and BAM. Bloomeroni.

It is interesting to note that 1. You can't really even kill bromeliads. And c. All my other broms have died. Except for these, the one Mom bought. And it is thriving. And. To this day it is still blooming as a reminder to me of her. So yeah Momma - I saw it and I miss you.



Hi.. I was in a situation with another high school in the district concerning my son, he is in 11th grade. The battle started the week after school ended last year. The school was trying to remove him from their program therefore, putting him back in our zoned school. Their reasons were all invalid and I proved it to them. They still denied him going to their school. It was only after the Principal had lied to me twice and I went to the School Board with this problem that my son was "allowed" to remain in the school. This battle continued all summer and even as of the first day of school, it still was not corrected. My son sat in the front office for 5 hours waiting for the problem to be fixed, which it was at 12:05 that day. My advice to you. contact the school board, do not let them get away with not doing what is best for the kids. I spoke with someone at the school board office who was very helpful, and her reply to me when I thanked her was, "Someone has to look out for the kids." Your son should have been told what he was up against and he wasnt. The people working in these schools need to be doing their jobs for the kids. Good luck!

Thank you! I am giving the principal the chance to call back on Monday and then I intended to go directly to the school board. And if need be I will stand up and speak at the next meeting.

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