Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pete and Mrs. Van gOH

Monday night I was fast asleep when Pete woke me up. By biting me. In the ear.

Usually when I sleep I am like a Mrs. Oh sandwich. Pete on my backside and Max on my front and Tobey is half an acre away on the other side of the bed. I'm the cream between those two puff dogs. If it is a really special night Yodie will be sleeping on my pillow too. And folks wonder why I get no sleep.

This particular night Max was on my pillow and Pete was so snuggled against me he laid his head on my shoulder. Somewhere along the line Max left - again, he is French, don't expect him to be a one-woman dog. When Max left, Pete scooted up my backside and commandeered more pillow.

Then Max returned. I stirred a little bit when I realized he was walking up the edge of the bed - where I was clinging for dear life. I motioned for him to scoot up and Pete went insane. He started growling and barking and crawling over me to nip at Max.

Instead - he nipped at me and my ear. So there I was: being eaten alive, trying to protect Max and my ear and get Pete off of me. My screams finally woke Tobey up as I was running into the bathroom to get a wash cloth.

I was sure my ear was gone. Chewed off because it sure felt that way. Apparently ears are like eyes - the slightest little boo-boo feels like something major.

I spent most of the rest of that night awake with a cloth pressed to my ear because of that whole 'my blood doesn't clot now' issue. Tobey asked if we needed to go to the emergency room. Again. And I declined. Because really - if I go again to the ER they are going to name a room after me.

Needless to say - Pete slept on the couch for the rest of the night.

Yeah I know. It is a picture of my boo-boo ear - but hey - I share everything with all y'alls. You really can't see how bruised my ear is or the cut on the back side of my ear that matches the front. But I can tell you this friends - that thing hurts. Like all get out.

And poor Pete. Now I don't know if Pete was sleep biting or if he really is exerting his dominance over the only other male dog in the house - but Tobey has put him on notice. Me? I just kinda shrug and agree Pete can't go eating on folks and all but really what am I going to do to the poor thing. If it were up to Tobey he would have taken him to the pound that night. What is really bad is that Tobey and Pete were actually starting to bond and now Pete has broken that trust and knowing Tobey - Pete ain't gonna get it back.

As for me? I think I am just going to take up painting again. Maybe some swirly star scenes might do us all some good.



OUCH! Poor Pete. Don't take him to the pound. Just don't let him sleep with you.

I miss my kitties terribly, but I don't miss THEM sleeping on me. I never did sleep when they were snuggled up to me.

That looks HORRIBLE!!! What an awful way to wake up. Here I thought the alarm was the worst option. I hope the ear is healing/not hurting as badly.

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