Monday, August 15, 2011

I smell a rat...

We had a very nice, quiet and laid back weekend. I made my first home made cherry pie (more on that tomorrow) and for dinner on Sunday we had Tee's hot chicken salad and can attest to how yummy it is both hot and cold!

Friday evening the Tobes and I were sitting out back on the swing when something scurried across the walkway between the two ponds. I had just been telling him about a humongo frog I saw that morning when the scurrier scurried. And our converstation went a little like this:

Me: Hey, did you see that?
Tobey: Yeah. It was a frog.
Me: *thinking to myself*It ran across the stones and I think I saw a tail....
Me: Um....I don't think that was a frog honey.
Tobey: Yeah it was. I saw it hop.
Me: *still thinking to myself* I think it ran happily across the stones and there was nary a hop in sight*

Now for the last few months the dogs have been going whack-a-doodle around one of the ponds. They go crazy around the one pond that I refuse to even weed any more (due to the 5 ft snake skin I found this spring). Alright. It was like 15 inches but still. It was a schluffed off snake skin which meant we had a snake or something was running around naked. And I don't do snakes - clothed or otherwise. Now I also love how all the articles you can read about telling snakes apart gives you the advice of checking out the little snake's beady pupil. Something about if the pupil is round you're safe and if it is eliptical then run for the hills. I ain't never getting that close so I lump all snakes in the same catagory: run for the hills.


Then last night it happened.

A rat scurried from one pond to the other. Eek! And if that isn't bad enough following right behind the first rat was a second rat. Of course after the scurrying: the dogs went crazy and the rats went UP in the trees. *shudders*

Tobey and I then had the wonderful discussion all married couples look forward to on a lazy Sunday evening: how to get rid of the rats. We can't poison them because we don't want the dogs getting into the bait and trust me the dogs would get into the bait. I also didn't want to worry that the cats from next door would find the bait as well.

I think we are going to go old school and just get some mouse traps - but I want to again be sure it isn't something that is going to harm the kitties next door. And the last thing I want is for them dang rats to get into the attic like they did a few years ago. Because nothing creeps me out more then to be drifting off to sleep in my alien face mask to the sound of scratch, scratch, scratching as their tiny little ratty feet run across the attic floor/ceiling.

So if I haven't totally sceeved you out - how was your weekend!?



Try a tender trap to catch the rats. I'm assuming they are pretty good size ones, otherwise, they could squeeze through the bars on the tender trip. I caught a chipmunk and that darn thing DID squeeze through the bars, wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Then I would fill a garbage can with water and drown the suckers. I know that sounds cruel, but if you don't kill them you will end up with a yard, maybe a house, full of RATS!

My take on snakes, the only good snake is a dead one.

Glad you enjoyed the Hot Chicken Salad. You are right it's good hot or cold.

Sorry, I didn't finish my thought on the reason for the tender trap. I would be afraid your dogs and the neighbor's cats would get "caught" in a rat/mouse trap.

Honey, go to your local farm supply store and buy poison. They make pet proof boxes for it to go in. They are little boxes and the lid opens you put the poison in and the dogs and cats can't get to it, but the rat can.
Here's a link so you will see what I'm talking about-

Thanks for the ideas guys - I am going to let Tobey know about them as I really don't want any part of this rat catchin' stuff! ;)

Ick, this reminds me of the fruit rats my dad had in his yard. We'd see them running across the power lines. Gah, I hope you figure out something soon!

Mrs. Oh, my pest control peeps have a special box for rat poison. Animals can't get into it. For whatever it's worth. Those rats are just nasty!

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