Saturday, August 13, 2011

A survey and guess what else....crafty stuff!

I have added a button on the right for the Lap of Love web site. You may recall they are the wonderful doctors that helped us and Baby. Dr. Dani has put together an online survey and she is asking that anyone who has lost a fur baby or had to deal with a pet's terminal issue in the last few years to please go and fill out this simple and quick online survey - it will greatly help her out in a presentation she is putting together. So go - please and thank you!

In addition to all the other things I have going on I wanted to make some key chains as stocking stuffers and what better way for the men in my life to get their geek on but by making Dungeons and Dragons key chains! Behold:

I added some dragon, skulls and key charms as well. And what I really love and they are hard to see is the little tiny heart charms that read: Made with Love. Since the kids and their friends play D&D every Monday night at our house I am also making some key chains for all of them too. Am I the only one that can not wait for Christmas?

I also finished up my niece's bookmark thong made from my Great Grandma's broken beaded necklace. I added a photo frame that holds a picture of her and my Great Grandpa. I hope that the little Porkchop enjoys and cherishes this redo of a family heirloom.



Love your bookmarkers -- very classy. I tried to go to the survey and was unable to find it. Was it just me???

Jeanie - opps, I must have copied the site address wrong! It is corrected now.


How many play and would they be interested in a parcel of artifacts?


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