Monday, August 22, 2011

Hair Cutz

"Yo, Yo Ma, I needz a hair cutz!"

Actually Max would never request a haircut. He is so like Chewie and Nappy in that aspect. He absolutely hates going to the groomer. But on Sunday a groomering he awent and if you are keeping track (like I am and as I do with ALL bad dates) it was the one month anniversary of Baby passing on to the great doggy bone in the sky.

When I called and made his appointment it went like this:

Mrs. Oh: Maxamilliondollar Von Ohtobe needs to come in tomorrow for his usual.
Groomer: Great. Will Baby Girl be coming in then too?
Mrs. Oh: *s!f#&* Um. No. Um. Baby passed away.
Groomer: Oh my gosh. I'm soooooo sorry. I I I um gosh, I'm soooooo sooooorry.
Mrs. Oh: Thanks. *$%a&t* Don't worry about it - you guys didn't know. *who forgot to call the groomer, doh*


On Friday night we gathered around the table to play some Blouvers or in other words: Scrabble. When I went to pull the dining room chair out I was met with resistance. Of course the first thing I did was look to see if Baby was underfoot as she loved to lay under the table. And yes: I won and no, 'blouvers' is still not a word. Tobey did throw down 'hast' for a whopping four points and we talked in Old English the rest of the night. Who am I kidding - we are still talking in the King's speak just to bug him. Er. Buggeth himeth.

So it has been a month and the time has flown by and dragged out all at the same time.

"Lookz how pur-tay I am now Mom!"

Now to top the whole groomer thing off there was Daisy. Poor Daisy. Our little sensitive old soul of a pup. I let Pete and Daisy outside whilst I put Max in the Shrekmobile to take him up to be groomed. Then I let Pete and Daisy back inside. It is so much easier that way and then the other dogs don't go crazy when they see the leash is out and they don't knock me down trying to get out the front door.

"Wherez Max, Ma? Ma needs ta vakumz."

For the rest of the morning and until Max came home Daisy moped around. She whined. She was here and there and underfoot and did I mention she whined? And friends let me tell you how guilty I felt. She didn't know where Max had gone off to - for all she knew we 'Babied' Max and I felt like I broke some puppy honesty/trust policy. Next time - I am loading her up in the van as well so she can at least see where Max has gone off to.

So how was your weekend?



Oh, so sorry about your phone call to the groomer. I called our groomer when my springer went to heaven and blubbered all the while I talked to her. I know how sad you are. Next month it'll be a year since Harley left us, and I still think about him daily. I also know what you mean about the dogs getting excited when they see the leash. I have to get my son to hold back two dogs whenever I take one somewhere. Better days will cometh for both of us, I'm sure.

Oh my, that call to the groomer. I would have cried. It will get better, but you will always have your fur babies in your heart.

It was a year in March since our Oscar Snuggles was killed and it STILL make me sad to open tuna. He loved it and could be in s deep sleep in another room and when I opened a can of tuna he was suddenly right at my side wanting a treat.

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