Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nemo: Found

Our second stop on Saturday's Arts Alive free admission day was to the Pier Aquarium. I hope you enjoy the pictures - alas there were no jelly fish.

I don't know why I envisioned these two discussing their wardrobe choices. "Nice polka dots!"

And I thought this little guy just looked like he loved to gossip.

Yella Fishy and a fine example of brain coral.

Nemo squared.

Larry, Curly and Moe.

And you know how you have those pictures of yourself that your children hold over your head? Oh wait, that is me holding pictures of them over their in honour of that I thought I would share the following with a warning....
I don't advise the shark hat as it really does add 10 pounds and a few chins to ya!



Fabulous pictures! What kind of camera did you use? And the new Dali museum is spectacular. We visited the old museum a few years ago and there is no comparison between the two based on your pictures. Does the new museum contain additional pieces or is it the same collection?

Thanks Sadie. I use my ole Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi which I adore and then of course: PHOTOSHOP!

It didn't seem like there were more pieces but it was so crowded it was hard to tell.

Beautiful photos. Looks like the ole Canon still works well.

I know I'm a day late and a dollar short, but man! Those are some good pictures!

Have missed you over at the Pie and you posting. Are you okay?

There were no jelly fish because they don't exist - the common name is sea jelly.

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