Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mrs. Oh and the Creek of Moss

Hello world! I know. It has been a while...

This past weekend Tobey, I and the twins headed up north to spend the weekend visiting my little brother Matt Damon and his wife Lil Martha Stewart. On Saturday we loaded up the Shrekmobile, grabbed Martha's Pops and headed 2 hours north up to Perry, Georgia and the Mossy Creek Festival.

And we had a blast! I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures we took along the way.

Lil Martha, Pops and Matt


Tobey and Matt loved the leather goods shop and both the guys purchased these Indiana Jones hats....I think Tobey looks so good in a hat I told him he could never take it off!

Matt and Martha

Martha, Matt, Tobes and Me

The entry way to the festival.

Matt trying on the hats with Tobey contemplating a purchase...

I totally loved the Knobits!

Only in Georgia - the fried bologna breakfast biscuit.

The blacksmith. Martha purchased some really cool hooks he created.

I loved the painted gourds.

Another Knobbit - plant hanger.

Of course no trip home would be complete without visiting with Mom. She had a new neighbor move in right next door.

Tobey and I visiting my grandparents across the way. It is hard to see but Tobey refused to wear his hat as it didn't 'go with' his outfit. So I borrowed it for a bit.

Thanks so much to Matt and Martha for being such terrific hosts as usual....despite Rosie having a case of the mole mouth ;)



I just ordered a really cute painted gourd from a lady on Etsy. Those are super cute too. I'm contemplating taking gourd painting up as a hobby.
FWIW-we've got the fried bologna biscuit here in KY too! ;-)
That looks like a really neat festival.

Yanno Heather I think those southern fast food restaurants could make a killing if they offered a Spam-wich breakfast sandwich! LOL

You went to Mossy Creek?! We didn't make it this year or to the fair in Perry. Lots of fun and great vendors. The weather was great for it this year. We have been there when it was cold and rainy.

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