Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe,....

Hulk: :Þ

A little attempt to cheer the June up with some doctored Worst Album covers ever - BBP Style!

Hulk's identity is finally revealed.

June: always lookin' to the good side!

Dick Whitman, Charlie, Hulk and June

Hulkie and June always exude confidence....

June and Barry - sorta like when Davy Jones showed up on the Brady Bunch....



So Funny. June will love these. Not sure about Hulk though. lol

My ribs are going to be so sore tomorrow from all of the laughing today!

BAH!! Hilarious! But Hulk does look good in pink.


You are one clever lady! These are hysterical.

Barry and me!!!!!!!!!

i think i just peed a little. HILARIOUS.

hilarious! you have ninja photoshop skilz

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