Monday, December 5, 2011

Mrs. Oh and Andrea Bocelli

Sunday night Tobey and I made our way into Tampa for a yummy dinner at Maggiano's and then we headed to the St. Pete Times Forum for the Andrea Bocelli Concerto Tour.

Why is it that Tobey just gets better lookin' with time and me? I look more and more like my Grandmother.

Tobey and I on the terrace at the Forum. I can tell you I paid the price for wearing 4 inch heels but it was a lovely evening and we (I) had a blast.

The view from our seats.

The seating was so bad on the floor that there wasn't much manuevering room. No place to put my purse, program or shoes - yes, I kicked them off after climbing the stairs a few too many times. I likened it to flying only that on a plane I actually had more leg room. And as you will see in the following pictures, apparently we sat behind a basketball team and poor Tobey didn't get to see much of the concert due to the tall dude that sat a few rows ahead of us. And I won't mention the dude with the laptop that kept lifting it up throughout the performance to snap some pictures.

The Forum will let you bring in a camera as long as it doesn't have a detachable lens. Er. My camera does. I figured I would get caught at the door and we would have to take the Canon back to the car so I didn't bring my zoom lens and it shows in the quality of pictures I could take. But still. Bocelli! *squeeee*

Andrea Bocelli and Ana Maria Martinez

Andrea singing Ave Maria and playing the flute.

I loved the pictures that played during the concert.

Andrea and Heather Headley

After hearing the guy behind us ask every.single.time Ms. Headley sang, "Who is she?" I leaned over and told him who she was. How can you come to a Bocelli concert and not know Heather was beyond me. So for those not in the know: Heather played Nala in the Lion King on Broadway and had the lead in Aida as well - she also has worked a lot with Andrea.

More Andrea

And again.

Oh. It was almost like we were at SeaWorld what with the folks walking around before the performance and during intermission hawking their wares. Okay they only hawked ice cream but still. Carvel. Get your Carvel Ice Cream here. I only wish I was kidding. Couple that with the folks walking into the auditorium with chicken fingers and french fries I was really beginning to wonder where we were at.

The final song of the night - Nessun Dorma from Puccini's Turandot.

If you want to hear a version of Nessun Dorma just click play on the link below and enjoy!

What a wonderful evening of music we enjoyed. Even Tobey said in the end that Andrea 'has a good voice'. Um yeah. Good. Uh huh. And if anyone is looking for sequences for their crafty needs in Tampa Bay. Don't bother. I have never seen so many women over the age of 65 bedazzled in all my life.

And I just found out: Bocelli is playing a Valentine's Concert in Orlando.....that is if we want to fork out another $600 to see him. I'm all for it....Tobey....not so much.



OHHHH I LOVE Andrea Bocelli! That must have been a wonderful concert!

I remember when you posted that you had the tickets...nearly a year ago. Loved the post and the photos. Swoon.

I was thinking of you all day Sunday and Sunday night. After such a long wait, I'm thrilled you had such an amazing evening with Tobey and Andrea.

Thank you ladies! Our ticket stubs said we purchased them in April. I could have conceived and birthed a child faster than that wait was. But. It was so worth it.

No, I am NOT tired of hearing about you getting to see Andrea Bocelli! He is amazing.

When I get in the mood to do some great cooking, his is the music I put on. He is so inspiring.

Thanks for sharing!

Chicken fingers? Really? Even here in TX we just carry champagne and other beverages back to our seats. Heee!!

I KNOW the concert was wonderful. What's wrong with Toby, he can save $600 in change to get the tickets.

Chicken fingers, Chick-fil-A is better than that. I forgot the concert was on Sunday and they aren't open on Sundays.

I'm so glad you had a great time. Carvel at a concert? That is a bit odd. I hate when tall people sit in front of me. There should be a separate section for them!

I'm another reader who LOVES Andrea Bocelli - and Nessun Dorma as well. The first time I heard it was in the movie "The Killing Fields." My piano teacher gave me the entire opera on LPs since he had a new copy on CD. Thanks for sharing the videos and photos with us.

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