Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hell's Bells

So I taped the final episode of Chuck because Tobey didn't get a chance to watch the end. And when we went to watch it on the DVR it wouldn't play. Man-oh-man do I love me some Verizon.

Then I tried to find the episode online. And I downloaded iLivid to watch said video. In the end I was indeed livid as the program installed some nasty malware onto my laptop. Then came the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. First it happened once in a while. Then it happened every.single.time I booted up. Then it screwed with my internet explorer WHILE in safe mode.

Now I have a hands off policy when it comes to Tobey and my computer. He is .... the Tim the Tool Man Taylor when it comes to computers and I just like it better when he doesn't play around with my computer. This policy has saved our marriage several times over.

Last night I was so frustrated. Even in safe mode I couldn't reinstall the drivers ImaLividNow erased and I had no choice but to reformat my drive. Which also meant moving all of my files over to a terabyte drive etc. Joy canNOT express my delight and around 1:30 this morning I had my laptop up and working again. Now I have to move all my files back and reinstall all my programs. More Joy.

Anyways - that is not what this post is about. Really.

Y'all remember my blog friend Kim from Australia? The one I sent the 13 pound box of chocolate to? Kim has signed up for the Leukemia's World's Greatest Shave. You can read her post here and she is looking for 500 people to donate $10 so she can reach her goal of $5,000.

I donated my $10 - really what is $10 these days. Nothing at all. I surely won't miss it from my PayPal account and it goes to a really good cause. I am asking all my 3.6 readers to click on her post and follow her link to make your donation too. You'll get good karma points for it. I promise.



Thank you my lovely lovely friend. xx

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