Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mrs. Oh versus the Dishwasher

Friends - what the heck is up with me and appliances? It is like our house is the Appliance Bermuda Triangle.

Last February we bought a new dishwasher from hhGregg and I was so thrilled that we got a nice new stainless steel dishwasher to match our fridge.

Two months later? The wheels on the bottom basket kept falling off. The drawer slidey things on the top basket broke. And we had several service calls and UPS deliveries to get the thing fixed.

After Christmas we were getting an error message on the control panel and we called Samsung because the darn washer was under warranty. I was very happy that they sent out a service tech the very next day - which was a Saturday. Unheard of.

So Doogie Howser shows up and takes a look around. Gives us some cleaner tablets and said that should fix it and if not call them back. Oh it fixed it for a load or two and then the error message popped back up.

We called again - this time on a Monday with a service date of Wednesday. Wednesday arrived and around 4 p.m. the service company called and said they weren't coming out. They were ordering us a pump. And a motherboard. Now why couldn't they do that on the Monday we called in the first place?

The service folks said we would get the parts in one day. It took over a week. When the parts were to arrive we were to call and have them set up yet another service date. I wasn't all that sweet when the parts arrived and they came out the next day.

Doogie didn't come this time. His granddad did. I don't know why I like older repairmen versus younger ones but I do. The whole allure of with age comes wisdom thing I think. So Father Time works on the dishwasher and replaced the pump and motherboard. Guess what. It still didn't work and now it has a leak. He said he was going to order more parts.....

I promptly called Samsung and told them not to bother. After my last call I put them on notice that there weren't going to be any more repairs - there was going to be a replacement and hhGregg agreed.

That was last Friday and we have been dishwasherless since the beginning of the month. Yesterday Tobey and I headed over to hhGregg to get our exchange. Now the district manager called and told Tobey they would be out on Saturday with a replacement. To which I promptly called them back and said there was no way I was going to have another Samsung dishwasher in my house.

Now we bought the original in an open box special for $490. Plus $119 for delivery and installation and $119 for a 5 year warranty. When we get to hhGregg they tell us we have a $611 credit. Er. No. I should have a $780 as my receipt shows that is the total we paid last year.

Well. The same dishwasher is now on sale for $812. Maybe we should have just let them do an even swap! But again - there was no way I was going to go with another Samsung. Mp3 player sure. Dishwasher. Not so much.

So I picked out a nice little dishwasher. But it was a under the counter mount type and with our granite countertops it wouldn't work. We had to upgrade to a professional model which was side mountable. But it was about $150 over our credited amount.

And guess what friends? Go on.

The manager did an even swap. So we got a better deal, free delivery since we already paid for it on the other machine and another 5 year extended warranty. The folks at hhGregg really took care of us and went above and beyond the call of duty.

And in 7 - 10 days our new special order dishwasher will be here. And for once when it comes to customer service I couldn't be happier.



You are really fortunate. My luck it would be three days past the warranty running out. Good for hhgregg stepping up to the plate. Customer service like that keeps people coming back. What brand are you getting this time?

Awesome! Go mom!

Did you get your new dishwasher yet? It's been seven days.

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