Monday, February 13, 2012

Mrs. Oh Goes to Bocelli - Again!

Hello my lovelies! As you may recall Tobey gave me Bocelli tickets for Christmas and yesterday was the big day for the concert in Orlando. Now after the December concert and forking out $300 a piece to see my Andrea - our budget wasn't going to take another hit for tickets in that price range. And honestly I didn't care where we sat - as long as I could hear my Andrea I would be happy as a lark. Of course Tobey says next time we won't bother with purchasing tickets and will just sit in the parking lot.

Well my friends. When we arrived we weren't all that surprised our seats were in the nose bleed section and our seats had been labeled "obstructed view" . And that was fine with me. Bocelli = squee - who cares where I sit, right Now our seat guide immediately advised us to go to Guest Services and get our seats switched. I was a tad leary - seats switched? "Is there a charge for that?" I asked. And he said that it was free and he was recommending it to everyone because our seats were so lousy. No kidding.

I couldn't believe that there were even seats available to switch to since the Tampa concert was virtually sold out. So we went to Guest Services but the line was a mile long and we decided to just sit in our assigned and purchased seats instead of waiting in the line and possibly missing some of the concert.

The little blue star shows where we were. About 10 rows from the ceiling. I tell you the truth when I say aircraft flew lower than where we sat.

Anyways. We made our way up again to the nose bleed section and got comfy in our $70 seats. As comfy as one could in seats that were at such a weird angle and all. My knees were literally inches away from the gentleman in front of us and if I was so inclined I could have cracked his head like a walnut with my knees alone.

After about 15 minutes of sitting in our seats I was beginning to get a little ill - from the height and the angle and all. And since Tobey suffers from the Vertigo I told him to sit tight and I headed down to Guest Services. And there was NO one in line. None. We were moved to this little blue star. Stage right. 15 rows from the stage. 15. Rows. From my Andrea! For $70. These were better seats than we had at the Tampa concert with our uber-expensive on the floor seating.

Two other couples followed us and had their seats changed as well. Hi Nancy! And I for one was giddy. Beyond giddy. Being on stage right we could watch my Andrea enter and exit the stage as well as having a completely unobstructed view upclose and personal. Couple that with the fact that I smuggled in my zoom lens this time.....I was in heaven. Tobey? Well he tolerated it all pretty well.

With my newly recovered stolen cell phone I took a few videos. Y'all remember how bad I talked trash about Tobey and his National Geographic video skills while in the Badlands... well - I turned my phone sideways thinking the video would shift. And it didn't. Plus the video is simply horrible and fuzzy. But. The audio is terrific - just ignore my lack of the Spielberg skills just like the last concert. To quote Tobey from the Badland days: Awesome! Not so much but you get the gist.

Heather Headley performing Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Love.Her.

A few seconds of New York, New York.

A sometimes sideways Andrea singing More.

Before Andrea sang Amazing Grace he dedicated it to Whitney Houston which so beyond touching in my opinion. And while at the last concert I taped him singing - this time I watched. And I cried my eyes out. One day I will listen to that song and not be reminded of Momma.

Well I hope you enjoyed the pictures and award winning video of my Andrea. I can't wait for the next concert!



How WONDERFUL were those seats! Two concerts in less than three months that is fabulous. We recently went to the Glen Miller Orchestra concert at Spivey Hall. It was a pack house.

Thanks Tee - I hope you guys had as much fun as we (I) did!

I am certain you thought you were in Heaven with those seats! Glad you had a fabulous time.

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